Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Dec 23, 2021
#27: Adapting to a Changing World
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The world around us is changing rapidly. And many of us feel great stress & worry as a result. But actually, feeling stressed and in anxiety in a changing world is natural for the spirit soul. Just as it is natural for fish to be suffering and unhappy when he is not in the water.

So how to truly find a shelter in the storm? How can I live fearlessly, deal with the grief of losing someone, or find myself in the middle of all of this? In today’s talk we discuss how to adapt to a changing world;

“What is unnatural is not the suffering, but the spirit soul’s being here in the material world. What is unnatural is not that the soul is unhappy here. But the fact that the soul is here”


  • (1:55) We’ve got to learn to deal with different changes on different levels; hardships in life come in many different ways.
  • (7:53) Spiritual life is a gradual process that requires acceptance and knowledge coming from someone who is a real authority
  • (13:40) “What's unnatural is not the suffering, but the spirit soul’s being here in the material world.”
  • (22:52) Mercy, care and concern for others is part of the soul's true nature. But we need to operate with true love and compassion without getting attached.
  • (33:36) Society should be oriented in a direction of harmonising with the Absolute Truth and with nature. Harmony, peace, freedom from fear, etc, doesn't come by following a self-centered lifestyle.
  • (43:18) Materially adjusting to change is not enough, there needs to be a knowing that “I’m spirit soul, I’m not the body”
  • (46:57) If you want to change, you need to adapt a new way of feeling, thinking, and willing; and engage in lifestyle practices that will bring about the change

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