Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Oct 11, 2021
#17: Find Shelter in the Eternal
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Jesus said, “Don’t build your house on the sea shore in low tide”. The truth is, it’s our nature to have a permanent, stable situation. That’s why everybody’s trying to achieve it. Because in the spiritual world, there is no birth, no death - you’re not struggling to hold on to anything, because it’s not trying to run away from you.

In today’s episode we speak about various topics related to the temporary nature of this world - and where a true shelter can be found. You’ll hear Balakhilya explain how faith coupled with intelligence is required to make progress, how there is an absolute truth that we can move closer to through a true spiritual process, and the nature of doubts. Maybe in listening to our podcast, or this particular episode, you have doubts rising to your mind. The fact is: doubts can be positive or negative, depending on how you react to them.

You’ll also hear us talk about Elon Musk saying that artificial intelligence is much much more dangerous than nuclear weapons, how we can choose to be controlled by a spiritual influence or by the modes of nature (see episode 12 & 13), and how it’s important to not jump into things ‘over our head’ - we need to take one step at a time, which is equally true for our spiritual life.


  • (2:31) Nothing in this world lasts; that’s actually part of the design
  • (4:47) Both faith & intelligence is required to make progress
  • (8:38) If you’re only accepting material truths as being true, then it’s always changing - it’s all relative
  • (13:52) Doubts can be positive or negative, depending on how you react to them
  • (27:51) About AI and how neglecting spiritual education comes at a very high price
  • (37:22) Crossing the bridge of change starts with one small step

Recorded on May 10, 2021. Read episode transcript on

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