Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Sep 20, 2021
#14: The Hunter Who Became a Saint
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Everybody likes stories - and the Vedic literature is full of amazing stories that we can reflect upon. So today we would like to invite you to listen to the famous Vedic story about the hunter named Mrgari. This is a story close to Balakhilya’s heart, since he himself was hunting for a large part of his youth. It is a story about how a change of ones heart is made possible by listening with an open mind and heart, and following the guidance of a true spiritual teacher. Even one such meeting with a saintly person can change ones life for ever. This is exactly the story of Mrgari - the hunter who became a saint. If you listen in, you’ll also get to hear the true meaning of the biblical story of Adam & Eve.

It is never too late for a change, and we all have the possibility to make new decisions everyday.


  • (9:41) The story of the hunter Mrgari who met the saint Narada Muni
  • (28:19) A change of heart is made possible through listening and hearing from the wise
  • (35:23) The real meaning of original sin and the story of Adam & Eve
  • (43:37) Balakhilya: “I know this story, because I too was a hunter”
  • (57:59) We can all change, simply by adding things into our life

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