Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Jul 2, 2023
#60: We Need to be Perfectly Attached: Finding Shelter in the Eternal
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“I was in a concrete bunker when the world outside exploded in a huge nuclear holocaust. I was watching my relatives and friends melting into the ground around me, and I was completely helpless”

Reflecting on a dream Ruben just had, we dive into the topic of how to actually help others—and how to deal with feelings of insecurity in relation to this world. Many spiritual seekers think that non-attachment is the goal, while Balakhilya explains that it’s quite the opposite.

Yes, material attachments to friends, family and spouse have the power to break our hearts completely. But simultaneously, to actually heal and calm our hearts, we need to cultivate a perfect spiritual consciousness. Because ultimately, the only stability in this unstable world is our loving attachment to the Supreme Power.


  • (6:33) The material world is unstable and unpredictable. Life can change suddenly, like we saw in the war between Russia and Ukraine. We must accept this reality and find true stability.
  • (12:17) We have faith in the effectiveness of vitamin C despite lack of tangible proof, and similarly we should have faith in the spiritual process despite that we don’t have direct experience of it’s effectivenes
  • (19:53) The soul has inherent qualities; like water inherently is wet. One such quality is that we get attached very easily.
  • (26:39) We discuss the concept of attachment, and how we need to cultivate attachment to the permanent which is beyond the material dimension
  • (41:51) The spiritual world is perfect and filled with perfect love, free from pain and imperfections. We can enter there now, and inspire others to do the same.
  • (54:43) Balakhilya’s friend left the Bhakti Yoga process for several years to enjoy a sense-gratifying lifestyle, but was suddenly diagnosed with ALS and came back to his spiritual practices. He said the disease was the perfect disease for him—it stopped him in his tracks and made him become serious about life.
  • (1:10:00) Martin Luther King emphasized the power of light to overcome darkness.

Recorded on January 11, 2023.

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