Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Mar 5, 2023
#54: The Prostitute who Became a Saint
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500 years ago in India lived a spiritual personality of extraordinary character and devotion, called Haridas Thakur. Due to their unfortunate team-spirit, both the Muslims and Hindus rejected him as he failed to abide to any particular process or religion. Joined by their envy of Haridas, they planned to send a prostitute to his home and defame him by catching him in the act of engaging in sexual activity with her.

Needless to say, their plan completely backfired. In the end, Haridas Thakur became even more glorified, while the prostitute became a great spiritual teacher whose advice was sought by people from all over the country.

This is a story of how to deal with unwanted desires and lust, how faith turns the most dangerous threat into an amazing opportunity, and how we can be of real service to others when we have a strong spiritual foundation. This is the story of Haridas Thakur and the prostitute who became a saint.


  • (0:42) The bottom line of this story is to show the result of having full faith in the process of chanting the mantras. Introduction to who Haridas Thakur was.
  • (7:08) What happened when the Muslims and Hindus combined together to try to defame Haridas
  • (16:45) Despite the fact that the prostitute didn’t at all come to Haridas for spiritual enlightenment (quite the opposite, she came to defame him), Haridas has mercy on her and remained in his cave just to give her a chance to be purified.
  • (24:25) It’s an illusion that satisfying our desires will somehow stop them. Desires will always come like rivers incessantly flowing into the ocean, but if we simply are undisturbed, like the ocean, then they will not affect us.
  • (30:34) The example of when some friends of ours gave people access to an unlimited supply of delicious waffles; material desires will never satisfy us but simply burn us out. However, engaging in a spiritual activity will gradually purify and satisfy us.

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