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Feb 26, 2023
#53: What to Tell a Dying Man?
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A relative to a friend of Ruben is right now on his deathbed, in the later stages of cancer. And sooner or later, you and me might also be in a similar situation—facing the reality that at any time, one of our loved ones will leave this world.

We might feel confused, uncertain, uncomfortable, or simply overwhelmed by emotions. But when this time comes, it’s time for us to lift ourselves above all of that and be of real service as that person is leaving this world.

This episode is a recording from when Ruben asked Balakhilya: What to tell a dying man?


  • (0:00) Ruben introduces the situation of his friend’s relative leaving this world at any time; there is nothing better you can tell somebody than the truth.
  • (7:41) ‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.’ Absolute truth is as purifying as the transcendental mantras.
  • (17:03) We need to start by making it clear that a person is not their body. No matter if we feel unqualified to share the truth, we need to try; a person hanging of a cliff will not care whether or not the person saving him is a 16-year or kid.
  • (25:08) Forget about your insecurity, trust the higher power to guide you correctly; Balakhilya have never given a talk where he afterwards hasn’t felt that he could have explained things in a better way.
  • (34:57) Every one of us are going to die. In society today, we just hide away the old people in homes so we don’t get to experience the reality of (and suffering involved in) old age and death

Recorded on February 8, 2023. Read episode transcript on

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