Breaking Trail
Breaking Trail
Jun 17, 2022
#49: Death of a Loved One: a Conversation with Family Left Behind
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Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we go through in life. A few months ago we recorded episode #29 with Madhavendra Puri dasi as our guest, where she spoke about living with the terminal disease of ALS and facing death without fear.

This time we’re joined by a family who suddenly lost a wife, mother and grandmother, as Madhavendra very recently passed away. We feel very fortunate and humbled to be let into the inner world and feelings of a family that all live a yoga meditation lifestyle.

How is the ancient wisdom of yoga a source of shelter and great comfort for them? And why, despite this being a challenging time, can they simultaneously feel great joy and love?


  • (0:05) When Madhavendra Puri dasi left this world, it wasn’t a big drama but a wonderful transition
  • (6:10) Madhavendra’s daughter Shalie shares her story of living as a hippie child in Australia before Madhavendra was introduced to the process of meditation and took a 180 turn
  • (9:25) How Allan met and came to marry Madhavendra, and how he was introduced to meditation by her
  • (16:17) Allan shares how he felt when Madhavendra had left; he lost companionship but is also emboldened to become more dedicated to the Bhakti Yoga process, inspired by her
  • (23:20) Madhavendra’s health gradually got worse after being diagnosed with ALS. She did all she could to maintain a healthy body through diet and lifestyle, but she also did not go overboard; she trusted the higher plan.
  • (33:51) What was Madhavendra’s key to success, for leaving this world happy and fearless?
  • (40:09) Allan shares the story of Madhavendra’s last night in this world: Not wanting to disturb her, in his mind he begged her to forgive him for anything he’d said or done to her. And that morning she left her body.
  • (46:38) Madhavendra walked towards leaving her body with a clear focus, never with anxiety or fear; and she succeeded with her goal

Recorded on June 11, 2022. Read episode transcript on

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