Episode 1243 The Rabbits Turned On Napoleon
19 min

Shock Jock, Just A Few People, Parents Super Power,Obedience And Changing, Jesus And Focus, Unorganized, Dual Nature, Show From. Submarine, I Saw The Light, News, Kyle or Hailey, Wait On The Lord, Baby Steps And Maturity, Double Christmas, Rude Americans;


“God’s justice is inevitable. It’s just on His timetable, not ours.”

“I want to get better at dialing in to what people are saying.”

“A little thing we like to call Romans 7.”

“Don’t trade away your opportunity to be a person of peace.”

“From the heart of a shock jock…”

Bible Thinker
Bible Thinker
Mike Winger
Answering Hitchens' Impossible Question
This is a clip from one of the most important videos I've made, here's the full video - https://youtu.be/VIgVAlI8T2c Christopher Hitchens is an icon to many atheists. He was an entertaining mix of brilliant, snarky, irreverent and British. One thing he is well-known for is debating theists and making fools of them, at least from the perspective of some people. I was always struck by this particular challenge that he threw out regularly in debates. Hitchens was so proud of it that I once heard him encouraging crowds of atheists to use this challenge as well. He felt that it really proved something, and I dare say many atheists agreed. What's really odd to me is that none of his debate partners (to my knowledge) ever offered a good response to his challenge. This is odd because the primary moral of loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength answers this atheist dilemma quite well. It not only answers the question it gets right to the heart of what an atheist has lost when they have sadly embraced a false worldview which rejects God's existence. To any atheists that have read this far I'd like to say that this isn't meant to be a smackdown or a slap in the face. Rather, this is meant to open a door to the possibility that the most important thing in life is being robbed from you, and your atheism is the robber. After I uploaded this video a friend sent me a clip of William Lame Craig answering this challenge 10 years ago! I was surprised to see how similar his answer was and now I’m wondering how much my own answer may have been influenced by Craig’s but without me remembering it. Obviously we are both influenced by the teaching of Jesus, but still, It seems likely that I heard this somewhere along the way and forgot. Anyhow, here is Craig’s answer (he is always brilliant). https://youtu.be/qqt3Ie8l-fo My website https://BibleThinker.org
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