193 Your Brand Is A Reflexion Of Your Community, Alex Sanfilippo With Creating A Brand
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The strength of your brands is tied to the community you attract. That’s even more relevant today given the protests & the pandemic. They unite us & give voice to the marginalized and the underserved. They transform & lift us up. Strategies to lead

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I want to talk to you about community. Its something that is near and dear to my heart. It's a topic that I talk about a lot on this on this podcast. The point is this it's your community that helps people come into your brand and discover your brand. You can leverage your community to help sell your brand. In other words put your core customers it to work for you evangelizing your product talking your products up and sharing them with their friends. 

That's the strength of a community. In addition to that, having a robust community to help support you. To answer questions, your most pressing bottlenecks, and things that that are keeping you up at night. The things that are going to help you grow and thrive. That's another core benefit of having a community. In other words, let's say you want to move your business to a online profile, how do you do that who do you call for help? That's what this podcast is episode is about today. You're going to listen to Alex who is doing a great job in building a community. He reached out to me and I was impressed by his community building efforts and the ways he is structuring the community. The way that he's going above and beyond to provide real value and to help encourage others to provide real value in the community as well.

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