The Console RPG Quest: Xbox One + Crown Tundra Impressions
1 hr 38 min

With the next generation of consoles mere weeks away, we're jumping ahead in the Console RPG Quest to the Xbox One! While at first glance the Xbox One's RPG legacy is quite weak, there's more to it than meets the eye. Kat and Nadia talk about the importance of backward compatibility, the possibilities afforded by streaming, and lessons learned as they delve into the Xbox One's console history. Also, Torchlight 3 reviews, Crown Tundra impressions, and much more!

The MinnMax Show
The MinnMax Show
22 Hidden Gems, Predicting Game Of The Year, Immortals Fenyx Rising - The MinnMax Show
Episode Notes Welcome back to The MinnMax Show! We have a huge, fun episode for you this week as we're joined by friend of the show Jacob Geller to talk about Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising and how it compares to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Then we're joined by Ana Diaz and Leo Vader as we share (along with the community) our picks for the most underappreciated games of 2020. We also look at the nominees for The Game Awards' Game of the Year and pick the most likely winner. Then we answer questions submitted on Patreon by the community and award the iam8bit question of the week! You can win a prize and help make the show better by supporting us on Patreon and leaving a question! Check out Jacob Geller's YouTube channel here - To jump to a particular discussion, check out the timestamps below... 00:00:00 - Intro 00:04:16 - Announcing The Deepest Dive 00:07:37 - Immortals Fenyx Rising 00:35:39 - 22 hidden gems from 2020 00:36:40 - Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 00:38:32 - Black Mesa 00:40:22 - Umurangi Generation 00:45:23 - The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners 00:47:16 - Pumpkin Jack 00:47:46 - Carrion 00:49:26 - Treachery in Beatdown City 00:52:16 - Persona 5 Royal 00:54:58 - Rogue Company 00:58:01 - HyperDot 00:58:43 - Mýrdalssandur, Iceland 01:01:09 - If Found 01:04:04 - Kentucky Route Zero 01:06:30 - Until You Fall 01:09:51 - Littlewood 01:11:20 - UnderMine 01:11:46 - Manifold Garden 01:12:02 - Streets of Rage 4 01:12:28 - Among Trees 01:12:55 - Bug Fables 01:13:12 - CrossCode 01:13:48 - Paper Mario: The Origami King 01:14:48 - Noita 01:15:41 - Gears Tactics 01:17:03 - Community picks for 2020's underappreciated games * Ori and the Will of the Wisps * Spiritfarer * Legends of Runeterra * Factorio * Dreams * Ikenfell * Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children * Resident Evil 3 * Rune Factory 4 Special/The Longing * Crash Bandicoot 4 * Predator: Hunting Grounds * Super Mario 35 * Cloud Punk * Doom Eternal 01:31:21 - Predicting The Game Awards' Game of the Year 01:37:38 - Thanking MinnMax's biggest supporters 01:40:11 - Thanking iam8bit 01:42:02 - Community questions 02:24:27 - Get A Load Of This Ana's GALOT - Leo's GALOT - Suriel's GALOT - Hanson's GALOT - Community GALOT - Buy MinnMax merch here - Follow us on Twitter - Go behind the scenes on Instagram - Follow us on Twitch - Please support us on Patreon - Thanks to the following Patreon supporters for their generous support of MinnMax at the $50 tier! Get your name on the list right here - Synced Up Podcast Iam8bit Mirko Arico-Torreno Rich McLaughlin Zachary Pligge Rebekah Lang BeatenDownBrian mark seliga Jawarhello Ludwig Roque Andrew vala jesse vitelli SuperSeriousSam Ssnake24 Thomas Hoster Yarrow SpiralInYourEyes Richard Smuts Jt Fels Preetham Yarlagadda Clint Farley Spider_Dan Steve Bamdad SlyckNic
2 hr 34 min
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