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Sep 14, 2021
27 – The Top 5 Stories from The Digital Workplace
Play • 25 min

Neil Miller is the creator of two podcasts that focus on what makes the modern workplace tick: The Digital Workplace and Work Minus. In my interview with Neil, you will hear five stories that he has hand-picked from his library of 200 fascinating guests:

  1. Nancy Duarte (author of slide:ology) You will learn two ways that our presentation skills must evolve to effectively communicate in a hybrid workforce.
  2. Dr. Gloria Mark (Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine) You will learn about internal vs. external interruptions – and identify which types of interruptions can actually be helpful to productivity.
  3. David Heinemeier Hansson (Cofounder and CTO of Basecamp). You will find out what makes a great productivity app. Hint: it is not stickiness.
  4. Jonathan and Melissa Nightingale (Founders of the Raw Signal Group) You will discover the connection between mind reading and great leadership in a distributed workforce.
  5. Leron L. Barton (Author and TED Talk Speaker – “The Power of Sharing Your Story”) You will hear 2 things that automatically drive diversity and inclusion at the grass roots level.

I highly recommend checking out Neil’s site www.thedigitalworkplace.com/ where he shares additional nuggets that he has learned from his guests that can help organizations advance five of your systems through ‘5 Levels of a Digital Workplace’. In my work at Unisys, I focus on three of those systems: Technology, Productivity, and Collaboration. These are, of course, connected to the two other systems: Leadership and Culture. You may find it helpful spending a few minutes perusing www.unisys.com/digitalworkplace to see the latest innovations in the use of AI, automation and merged reality. I assure you; it is time well spent.

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