#088: Dan Lourenço #4 - Ghost Lifestyle's Plans for 2023
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After winning Brand of the Year for the third straight time during PricePlow’s 2022 Supplement Industry Awards, we invited Ghost Lifestyle’s Dan Lourenço back onto the PricePlow Podcast for his fourth appearance on the show.

We recapped 2022 with him, and then got Ghost’s 2023 plans underway. Inside, we talked about what a great year Ghost had, especially with Ghost Energy blowing up. But being in every major category, what’s the next big thing for Ghost to get into?

For a long time, they’ve been working on a functional food — maybe we’ll get to see it in 2023, but only if it’s ready. Dan also gave us some heads up on Ghost Legend V3, which will have a few unique twists. Ghost Gamer is likely to get some minor change as well. They’ll be leaning heavily into wellness, with their sports nutrition lineup and proteins very well squared away.

Hilariously, Dan gets caught drinking a black can in the video… and it turns out to be a “fake” product we think they should release! Find out what it is inside!

Video: Watch Dan talk about Ghost Lifestyle for 2023


Detailed Show Notes: Dan Lourenço #4 on the PricePlow Podcast

  • (0:00) – Introduction
  • (01:42) – Dan’s background in the supplement industry
  • (03:48) – The challenges of starting a supplement company
  • (06:29) – The evolution of the supplement industry
  • (09:16) – The story behind Ghost Lifestyle
  • (12:33) – The importance of branding in the supplement industry
  • (14:21) – The role of social media in building a supplement brand
  • (19:24) – How Ghost differentiates itself in a crowded market
  • (23:11) – The importance of ingredient transparency
  • (25:07) – The challenges of ingredient transparency
  • (27:35) – Ghost Lifestyle’s product development process
  • (32:05) – Ghost’s plans for 2023
  • (34:27) – The future of supplement regulation
  • (37:13) – 2020’s impact on the supplement industry
  • (40:20) – Ghost Legend V3 Pre-Workout
  • (41:20) – Ghost Lifestyle’s approach to innovation
  • (45:15) – Ghost Lifestyle’s approach to marketing
  • (50:05) – The importance of community in the supplement industry
  • (57:16) – The importance of staying true to your brand’s values
  • (59:50) – The future of Ghost Lifestyle
  • (1:00:20) – Ghost Sparkling Water?!
  • (1:03:15) – Dan’s advice for aspiring supplement entrepreneurs
  • (1:06:15) – Rapid-fire questions
  • (1:08:32) – TMNT Collab Returning


Dan Lourenco shares his insights and experiences in the supplement industry, from the challenges of starting a new brand to the importance of building a strong community around your products. He also shares his vision for the future of Ghost and offers valuable advice for aspiring supplement entrepreneurs.

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