#089: Dr. Sibyl Swift & Lance Blundell - cbdMD Re-Educates the FDA on Hemp
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On March 27, 2023 we hosted a tremendous conversation with Dr. Sibyl Swift and Lance Blundell of cbdMD, a premier hemp-based health solution company that sells CBD — and even THC — based supplements. In Lance’s words, they are a “hemp-extracted cannabinoid company”.

Sibyl is cbdMD’s Chief Science Officer & VP of Regulatory Affairs, while Lance is the General Counsel at cbdMD. Together, they provide a powerhouse combination of science and regulatory affairs, and in the hemp-based industry, there’s plenty to discuss on that front.

After getting into their backgrounds, we discuss the ongoing issues between the FDA and CBD supplements, how cbdMD can legally sell THC products online, what CBD can actually do for consumers, and they problems a legitimate company like cbdMD faces in this wild world.

This one’s a good one, and it won’t be our last. As major updates regarding the FDA’s regulatory situation with CBD arise, and hemp-based research moves forward, we’ll be sure to have them back on.

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Sybil Swift and Lance Blundell of cbdMD: Detailed Show Notes

  • (0:00) – Introductions – Dr. Sibyl was at the FDA!
  • (5:00) – cbdMD – Who they are and the goals for the company
  • (9:45) – The CBD Market and what’s happening within this space
  • (11:50) – Compliance is the hardest complication with CBD & Hemp
  • (16:30) – How should the FDA deal with CBD and Hemp companies like yourself?
  • (20:30) – Partnering with Whoop for a study
  • (22:00) – Sibyl talks about her time working for the FDA
  • (27:45) – What exactly have the FDA said about CBD
  • (33:20) – How does the FDA regulate CBD when it is a much bigger market than supplements
  • (35:00) – Why is it legal for cbdMD to sell THC over the counter like they do?
  • (40:00) – CBD and Delta 8, turning CBD into Delta 8
  • (42:00) – The ratio of CBD to THC and how it feels when taken as a supplement
  • (44:45) – The difference between cbdMD and other people in the space selling CBD
  • (49:45) – Bringing CBD into the sport and athlete market
  • (53:15) – EnXtra and how it works
  • (58:30) – What claims can be made for CBD/THC etc?
  • (1:05:25) – Claims can’t be made due to the FDA’s stance on CBD
  • (1:09:20) – Does getting high have anything to do with the safety of the ingredient?
  • (1:11:32) – What are the concerns for safety with people buying CBD?
  • (1:13:28) – How can we help you here at PricePlow and in the Supplement industry in general?
  • (1:16:54) – Have you looked into endocannabinoids and things like Anandamide?
  • (1:19:30) – How do you see the future of CBD and Hemp?

Thank you to Dr. Sibyl and Lance for joining us!

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