#072: enfinity PARAXANTHINE! Raza Bashir (MuscleTech) and Shawn Wells (Ingenious Ingredients)
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In late August of 2022, PricePlow revealed the next-generation stimulatory ingredient enfinity (Paraxanthine), set to launch shortly afterward through MuscleTech. We wrote about the new product line and briefly introduced paraxanthine to readers in our article titled MuscleTech Reveals New Workout Stimulant: enfinity brand Paraxanthine.

To follow-up with more scientific information, we brought Raza Bashir (VP of Scientific Affairs and Product Innovation at Iovate and MuscleTech) and Shawn Wells (Chief Science Officer of NNB Nutrition and Co-Founder of Ingenious Ingredients) on to the PricePlow Podcast to explain Shawn's latest innovation in enfinity brand paraxanthine. We then discuss how MuscleTech is using it to power cleaner, more consistent workouts and diet support through a new pre-workout supplement and two weight loss products.

The MuscleTech iQ Series

MuscleTech's Raza Bashir and Ingenious Ingredients (and NNB Nutrition CSO) Shawn Wells join the PricePlow Podcast to talk about MuscleTech's new iQ Series launch, using enfinity Paraxanthine!

MuscleTech is going all-in on this ingredient, and through the episode, you'll learn how Raza has been "hoarding" much of the stimulant for the better part of four years. Once you try it, you'll understand why - for many users, it's simply a better experience than caffeine.

Finally, enfinity is ready for primetime, starting with three supplement launches covered in our introductory MuscleTech iQ Series article:

 	EuphoriQ: Pre-workout supplement using 300 milligrams of enfinity
 	Burn iQ: Capsule fat burner using 100 milligrams of enfinity per capsule
 	Burn iQ Powder: Thermogenic fat loss powder using 150 milligrams enfinity per scoop

MuscleTech is using the moniker iQ, stating that this is the smartest way to supplement your energy. After learning more about paraxanthine's differences from caffeine, there's a good chance you'll agree -- or at least understand why many users will like it more.

Finally, this is a follow-up from Episode #048 of the PricePlow Podcast, where Shawn teased the ingredient a bit over a year ago. It's finally here and upon us, so listen or watch and enjoy:


Audio Version:

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Raza Bashir and Shawn Wells Discuss Paraxanthine and enfinity-Powered EuphoriQ

 	00:00 - Introductions
Caffeine has three major metabolites, and one of them (paraxanthine) does the heavy lifting. The other two have very long half-lives, which could be interfering with your quality of energy! Image courtesy Wikimedia
Mike introduces Raza and Shawn and gives the overview -- MuscleTech's new iQ Series will have enfinity brand paraxanthine, and quickly flashes back to Episode #048, where Shawn teased it over a year ago.
 	03:00 - Shawn talks about the omnipresence of caffeine

Caffeine is a one trillion dollar market. He talks about how it's effective and important, mentioning that it fueled the industrial revolution. Many switched from alcohol to caffeine back then, with far more productive effects on society.

Additionally, we meet and socialize with two substances: alcohol and caffeine.
 	05:20 - What paraxanthine / enfinity solves

Shawn begins:

"What enfinity, what paraxanthine solves: For about 59% of the population, they are not fast metabolizers. Meaning they are not metabolizing caffeine well. And so what happens is, they're stuck more in a state of caffeine, versus going to paraxanthine, which is where you see a majority of the benefits. And you're avoiding these other metabolites of theophylline and theobromine, and theophylline in particular -- side effect ridden."

He continues that there are more stages of metabolites after those two, and by avoiding them,
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