#070: Dr. Cameron Sepah #2 - Boost Libido & Sex with The Maximus Lover Protocol
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Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus is back with yet another must-listen episode on the PricePlow Podcast!

Dr. Cameron Sepah is back on the PricePlow Podcast to introduce The Maximus Lover Protocol

In Episode #062, we introduced Dr. Cam and spoke with him about the Maximus King Protocol, a better and safer way to boost testosterone with clinically significant results. This time, we talk about libido, sexual health, and optimizing male performance and mindset.

Maximus is a consumer telemedicine company for male health and hormone optimization. It comes with a highly-active community known as the Maximus Tribe, featuring men who are working to better themselves in all aspects of life.

With the Maximus Lover Protocol, they're focusing on boosting libido, male performance, and confidence using two prescription drugs described below - 5mg tadalafil (Cialis) and 2mg PT-141 (Bremelanotide). Beyond the drugs, Dr. Cam also covers many strategies to improve libido, which is a great indicator for overall health.

The detailed show notes (with references) below, and you can watch it on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite podcast app:


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Discussion #2 with Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus: Libido, Men's Health, Sex, and More

Table of Contents

Audio Version:Subscribe to the PricePlow Podcast on Your Favorite ServiceDiscussion #2 with Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus: Libido, Men’s Health, Sex, and More0:00 – Quick re-introduction1:30 – Recap of Episode 0622:30 – Morning erections and libido – a very simple marker of overall health3:40 – Anecdote of libido issues and ED drug sales6:00 – Cosmetic pharmacology8:00 – ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs and nitrate supplements8:45 – Morning wood as a good status check?13:00 – Libido is bio-psycho-social15:00 – Warming up to The Maximus Lover Protocol16:15 – Medications are not for any one particular purpose16:45 – PDE5 Inhibitors18:45 – Cialis vs Viagra (tadalafil vs sildenafil)20:30 – Using tadalafil in the real world22:00 – Side effects of PDE5 inhibitors23:00 – Tadalafil dosage25:15 – Interaction effects and pre-workouts29:00 – Spiking NO supplements with PDE5 inhibitors?!30:30 – Can you get a tadalafil prescription for gym pumps?34:30 – Tadalafil post-surgery for blood flow36:30 – Tadalafil and PDE5 Inhibitors as nootropics39:30 – Caffeine vs. PDE5 inhibitors for focus and creativity41:30 – Muscle protein synthesis and PDE5 inhibitors42:30 – Is tadalafil the most important anti-aging drug?43:30 – The Maximus Lover Protocol44:30 – The background of sexual drugs for women and melanocortin agonists46:45 – Introducing PT-141 (Bremelanotide)48:00 – Combining PT-141 with PDE5 Inhibitors48:45 – PT-141 / Bremelanotide / Vyleesi for women50:00 – The Maximus Lover Protocol: Performance and enjoyment51:00 – Melanotan-1 and Melanotan-2 vs. Bremelanotide53:45 – Bremelanotide side effects?57:00 – Bremelanotide taken sublingually with Maximus58:45 – Healthy libido is important for successful men1:01:00 – Channel libido instead of masturbate1:02:30 – How do you get the Lover Protocol?1:04:45 – Bremelanotide half-life?1:07:30 – Enclomiphene vs. PT-141 for Virility Purposes?1:09:15 – The Maximus Supplements1:11:15 – Metabolic health is still key1:11:45 – Semen retention?!1:15:00 – Maximus is not a pill mill1:19:45 – Check your underwear! Is there polyester? Get rid of it!1:23:00 – “Give your balls a break”1:24:45 – What states is Maximus and its partner pharmacy now working in?

0:00 - Quick re-introduction

If you don't know who Dr. Cam is, then you must listen to Episode #062 where he introduces Maximus and the King Protocol, which includes the drug enclomiphene!

1:30 - Recap of Episode 062

In the last episode, Dr. Sepah noted that testosterone is one of the most useful single biomarkers of overall health.
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