#065: Drew Peters - Alpha Lion 2022 Update
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Drew Peters is now the formulator for Alpha Lion, so we cover some of their supplements launched in early 2022 like SuperHuman Sport and SuperHuman Scorch

It’s time we caught up with Drew Peters, the new formulator (or VP of Scientific Affairs) at Alpha Lion, whose recently come out with a couple of unique supplements!

Drew has previously been on episodes 044 and 045 with other formulators, but this time, we got him to ourselves to talk about Alpha Lion’s new supplements.

In this conversation, we zero in on SuperHuman Sport, an athlete-based pre-workout supplement with under 100 milligrams caffeine, and SuperHuman Scorch, an enhanced thermogenic L-carnitine liquid.

Both of these supplements contain novel ingredents from NNB Nutrition, including RhodioPrime 6X in SuperHuman Sport and MitoBurn + CaloriBurn GP in SuperHuman Scorch.

We also get into the recurring topics of beta alanine and creatine in pre workouts, synthetic vs. natural caffeine sources, hydration supplements, and working as a formulator remotely.

Drew Peters is now at Alpha Lion

The SuperHuman Sport Label

In this podcast, we compare this to other “Sport” pre-workout supplements like Pre-Kaged Sport.

You can read more about Rhodiola in our article titled Rhodiola: The Salidroside-Powered Adaptogen of the Vikings and about RhodioPrime 6X specifically in our article titled NNB RhodioPrime 6X: The Strongest Rhodiola Extract (6% Salidroside).

The SuperHuman Scorch Label

You can read more about the key NNB ingredients in our articles titled BAIBA: Weight Loss Ingredient Generates Exercise in a Pill?! and Grains of Paradise: Fat Fighting Spice of the Goddesses.

The SuperHuman Hydration Label

In the video, we compare this to products like Ghost Hydration, which is naturally sweetened, another topic of discussion.

Synthetic vs. Natural Caffeine?

A recurring topic, some of the arguments against synthetic caffeine are discussed and linked in our article on PurCaf caffeine.

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