#064: Dr. Hector Lopez & Brandon Sojka - SmartPrime-OM Amplifies Omegas
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SmartPrime-OM is a novel omega-3 amplifying dietary supplement from Nutrashure, so we interview Dr. Hector Lopez to understand how it boosts EPA/DHA!Show notes at https://blog.priceplow.com/podcast/dr-hector-lopez-nutrashure-smartprime-064

Are you one of the tens of millions of Americans who have taken an omega-3 supplement? Are you a supplement formulator looking for a new innovation in the fatty acid / fish oil space that might actually improve health?

If so, read on… this podcast and series of show notes is for you.

Optimizing Omega-3 Fatty Acids with Nutrashure’s SmartPrime-Om

We sat down with Brandon Sojka, founder and CEO of Nutrashure (website, Instagram, news alerts), and Dr. Hector Lopez, a specialist in sports medicine and nutritional biochemistry, to discuss Nutrashure’s new ingredient, SmartPrime-OM, which is designed to help optimize the omega-3 levels of those who take it.

This is a novel, naturally-sourced dietary supplement ingredient technology that is one of the most promising things we’ve seen in years.

One of the many interesting things about SmartPrime is that it can raise omega-3 levels independently, without the use of other supplements – but it can also be combined with an omega-3 supplement for an even bigger effect size.

Watch the Video: SmartPrime-Om with Dr. Hector Lopez


SmartPrime Show with Dr. Hector Lopez and Brandon Sojka

  • (0:43) – Brandon discusses his professional background starting his own brand, doing consulting, and working logistics in the supplement industry.
  • (1:37) – Dr. Lopez discusses his professional and personal background, which includes biochemistry and medicine, medical research, consulting with major supplement brands like Nordic Naturals, performing clinical research on ingredients like creatine, vitamins D and K2, collagen, and fish oil, and beginning Supplement Safety Solutions.
  • (8:39) – Background on Nutrashure SmartPrime, the main topic of today’s interview. SmartPrime grew out of a collaboration with its lead inventor Dr. Ryan Yates, who had a special interest in the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and is author of a study published on SmartPrime’s constituents.
  • (10:02) – An overview of different fatty acid lengths, and the characteristics of each.
  • (11:38) – Longer-chain PUFAs are typically found in cold-water fish or other marine organisms, like algae. This category includes the famous EPA/DHA combination that most consumers of fish oil supplements will be familiar with.
  • (12:06) – Characteristics of PUFAs: the more unsaturated a fat, the more prone it is to oxidation, but also the more powerful it is as a signaling agent in the body.
  • (12:47) – Discussion of AI and how it relates to nutritional research. In the opinion of Dr. Lopez, AI is not of much inherent use – AI models and algorithms need to be in the hands of competent researchers who understand the regulatory environment and the current state of nutritional research.
  • (14:25) – Having access to the Oakridge National Laboratory’s AI tools was a “powerful opportunity&rdq…

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