#062: Dr. Cameron Sepah - Boost Testosterone with Maximus and Enclomiphene
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On February 2, 2022, we hosted Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus on the PricePlow Podcast to talk about male hormones and self improvement. This was an incredible episode covering a wide variety of health-based topics, and everyone is sure to come away with some new knowledge.

Meet Dr. Cameron Sepah

Meet Dr. Cameron Sepah, founder of Maximus, whose here to help you boost testosterone in a clinically-meaningful way without TRT. Prepare to learn a ton about enclomiphene in this episode!

Cam, as we call him, competed as a track athlete. is a clinical psychologist, with a fellowship training in behavioral medicine, working at the intersection of psychology and medicine. He competed as a collegiate track athlete, racing in mid-distance to distance events. After his academic training (specializing in psychoneuroendocrinology amongst other fields) and publishing of several papers,[1] he created Omada Health, an online weight loss program. All in all, he's a clinician-scientist who's treated people for over a decade. In addition, he's an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCSF School of Medicine.

Maximus: Mind, Body, and Masculinity

Cam recently founded Maximus, a consumer telemedicine company for men's health and hormone optimization. Using at-home blood testing and online coaching, Maximus has put together the King Protocol, which is a clinically-validated process to safely increase testosterone and vitality in men - even healthy and young men.

This is not testosterone replacement therapy -- it's testosterone restoration.

Prepare to learn about enclomiphene citrate

Jumping right to hormone optimization, Maximus utilizes enclomiphene citrate -- the isomer from clomid that's safer and more useful in men -- to meaningfully boost testosterone levels anywhere from 1.5x to 2.5x. Combined with group health coaching for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and focus, alongside some adjunct supplements, Maximus is changing men's lives at an astonishing rate.

The full show notes with timestamps are covered below - and we'll have a separate article detailing enclomiphene citrate shortly.


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Our Discussion with Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus

0:45 - Dr. Cam's Introduction

2:50 - A couple of Dr. Cam's legendary Twitter threads:

 	Clinical experience: most people struggle because their main motivations are inverted - but Cam explains how he helps change that:

 	"If I could only pick two psychological techniques to transform yourself":

 	Six Healthy Eating Rules:https://twitter.com/DrCamRx/status/1237785720158224384

 	Secret to high performance is managing stress:https://twitter.com/DrCamMaximus/status/1455335722920013825

 	Nature provides the best free health:https://twitter.com/DrCamRx/status/1174453771037855745

3:50 - Dr. Cam's Background in medicine and psychiatry

Became interested in the hormone side of health. Psychiatry took a very "neurotransmitter approach" - for instance, SSRIs are based on an "almost stupidly simplistic theory" of the monamine hypothesis, even though the research hasn't fully supported that, and it's more complicated than serotonin - it's really a "bio-psycho-social phenomenon". Hormones also influence brain function!

4:45 - The problem: Human testosterone and sperm levels are tanking

Testosterone levels have declined 50% over 50 years[2] and so have sperm counts.[3-6] The question is why?! This is a dramatic phenomenon - it's happened over a couple of generations, alongside the obesity epidemic.

Due to an onslaught of endocrine-disruptions, men's hormonal systems aren't working like they used to. Maximus has a three-pronged solution called the K...
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