#053: Marc Lobliner - Outright Bars and Adding Velositol to Outright Breakfast Bars
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On October 9th, 2021, we sat down with Marc Lobliner, Chief Marketing Officer of TigerFitness and CEO of MTS Nutrition. Most recently, Marc is the inventor of the Outright Bar and Outright Breakfast Bar, and Ben traveled to Tennessee to discuss the history of the product and the unique advantages of its key protein-boosting ingredient, Velositol.

Marc walks us through the thought process that led him to the formulation of the Outright Breakfast Bar, which he intended to be a “whole food protein bar” that could serve as a meal replacement, and help sustain athletes during long games by giving them a balanced macronutrient intake and good digestion.

Listen to him explain why Velositol, which enhances the uptake of post-workout protein and increases muscle protein synthesis, was key to designing a bar that could fill this variety of needs.

Talking Velositol, Outright Breakfast Bars, and More with Marc Lobliner

Marc gives us some great insights on how a product can be formulated for the widest possible appeal. For Marc, this began as an emphasis on child nutrition — the idea for the Outright Bar was conceived during one of his daughter’s soccer matches, where Marc wanted to feed her something that would enhance her performance, but realized that the bars available to him were all going to detract from it.

Then we pick his brain on the safety profile of Nutrition 21’s Velositol (spoiler alert: it’s very safe), and the general risks associated with being an innovator who’s the first one to market a new ingredient.

Finally, Marc gives us some great thoughts on marketing a product and running a company, and what to look for when you consider buying someone else’s product. He also gives us some sage advice for anyone who wants to start a company of their own.

If you enjoyed hearing from Marc as much as we did, check out the Outright Bar at our affiliate links below, and read our articles titled Velositol: The Missing Link for Protein Bars and Velositol: Enhancing Muscle Protein Synthesis with Science.

More details from the conversation:

  • Why Velositol in outright bars?
    • Ben: over time, the protein content of “protein bars” has gone down
    • Marc: Outright Bar was designed to be a “whole food” protein bar — something with a good mix of different macros and natural ingredients, as opposed to existing products which were full of gut irritants such as glycerol and prebiotic fiber, or caused blood sugar swings
    • Velositol chosen to make Outright Breakfast Bars “better than breakfast” as a meal replacement, not just a supplemental protein snack — increases bioavailability of protein and gives it a longer, more even rate of digestion
      • Because Velositol increases the uptake of protein, it allows one to use less protein but get the same effect
        • Cuts costs
        • Also helps people who can’t eat big meals in the morning, since Velositol decreases your protein requirements

  • Outright Bar launched in 2018
    • Launched as individually wrapped product
    • <…

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