#005: Nick Gingo (Renner Otto IP Law Firm) - 2016: Bodybuilding.com vs. Jim Stoppani
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MAJOR UPDATE: This lawsuit was settled at the end of May 2017, and Jim Stoppani is coming back to Bodybuilding.com to produce content — although it seems like JYM products will remain available at Amazon and GNC. We’ll update with more details when available.

If you thought the ongoing Jim Stoppani Scandal couldn’t get any crazier, then think again.

On June 22, 2016, Bodybuilding.com filed a lawsuit against Jim Stoppani and PhD Fitness LLC! While this has nothing to do with the aforementioned scandal involving PRO Jym, NutraBio, and other companies affected by Stoppani’s recent claims on YouTube, the timing is rather interesting.

Click here to download the original complaint filed by Bodybuilding.com

Click here to see the amended complaint that also includes the $100,000,000 claims against GNC

Three updated videos to watch:

Don’t feel like reading legal documents? We’re covering this case here and on YouTube!

  1. Watch Mike’s discussion with what we know as of September 21, 2016:


  2. Mike brings IP Attorney Nick Gingo in to discuss his take on the case:


    Audio Version:

  3. Major update in March 2017 – Stoppani gets a big win in that the judge DENIES Bodybuilding.com’s motion to dismiss – he’s at least willing to hear out Stoppani’s side of the story!

    Mike brings Nick back to talk about these updates:


    Click Here to read the judge’s response on Bodybuilding.com’s motion to dismiss — this case is going to continue! You can read thge original motion here.

    Also interesting around this time: Bodybuilding.com’s CEO for the past year left in February 2017. As of April, no permanent CEO had been named.

UPDATED September 19, 2016: JYM is now being sold in GNC, so many are asking what’s going on. Click here to skip to the 2016-Q3 update — in short, it looks like this is heading to court and business is moving forward for all parties until then.

UPDATED September 20, 2016: Bodybuilding.com has released a statement regarding the matter, and Jim posted a video as well.

UPDATED September 22, 2016: The case has been amended and Bodybuilding.com is now suing GNC as well as Stoppani!

What happened?

According to the complaint filed by Bodybuilding.com, which are allegations and have not been proven…

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