CodePen Radio
CodePen Radio
Oct 21, 2020
#288: Weekly Docs
34 min

Besides meetings, how does your company communicate what everyone is working on each week? Meetings? Reports? Klare, Chris, and Marie talk about CodePen’s use of weekly team docs to keep our fully remote team up to date.

Time Jumps

  • 00:48 All Hands meeting
  • 07:10 Keeping a weekly doc
  • 10:56 How we organize it in Notion
  • 13:50 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 17:06 "What held me back"
  • 21:04 What we do in our meetings now

Sponsor: Netlify

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The Bike Shed
The Bike Shed
269: Things are Knowable (Gary Bernhardt)
Steph's taking a quick break this week, but while she's away, Chris is joined by special guest Gary Bernhardt. Gary is the creator of Destroy All Software screencasts as well as his more recent venture, Execute Program. Between Execute Program, his screencasts, conference talks, and more Gary has consistently provided some of the highest quality and most impactful educational content around building great software and has been a huge inspiration to the hosts of this show. In the episode, Chris and Gary discuss Gary's recent work with TypeScript and how it compares with Gary's focus on testing, they revisit some of Gary's ideas around software architecture and how they map to his current work, Gary's thoughts around the value of knowing our tools deeply, and the trade-offs between careful upfront design and shipping early and often. This episode is brought to you by: ScoutAPM ( - Give Scout a try for free today and Scout will donate $5 to the open source project of your choice when you deploy Indeed ( - Click through and get started with a free seventy five dollar credit for your first job post Gary Bernhardt on Twitter ( Destroy All Software Screencasts ( Execute Program ( Deconstruct Conf ( Gary's Conference Talks ( Gary's new video - End-to-End TypeScript: Database, Backend, API, and Frontend ( TypeScript Eslint ( tsuquyomi Vim TypeScript integration ( Functional Core, Imperative Shell ( Boundaries ( A Compiler From Scratch ( The Unix Chainsaw ( A Whole New World ( Hammock Driven Development ( WaniKani kanji learning app ( Anki - spaced repetition flashcard system ( Become a Sponsor ( of The Bike Shed!
46 min
The Laravel Podcast
The Laravel Podcast
Matt Stauffer
Cache, Session, Middleware, & Request, with Samantha Geitz
* Samantha Geitz Twitter Account - * Samantha Geitz website - * The Laravel Podcast, Season 3: Interview with Samantha Geitz - * Laravel Docs Cache - * Laravel Docs Session - * Laravel Docs Middleware - * Laravel Docs Requests - * Telescope - * CloudFront - * Trusted Proxy - * Patrick Rothfuss - * Patrick Rothfuss, Name in the Wind - * Patrick Rothfuss, Wise Man Fears - * Brandon Sanderson - * Joe Abercrombie - * Joe Abercrombie, A Blade Itself - * Kindle Paperwhite - * Lev Grossman, The Magicians - * Lin Manuel Miranda Producing The Kingkiller Chronicles- Episode Sponsorship Transcription sponsored by Larajobs Editing sponsored byTighten
1 hr 2 min
The freeCodeCamp Podcast
The freeCodeCamp Podcast
Crossover Special: 10 Years of The Changelog + 5 years of freeCodeCamp
In this special crossover episode, we celebrate 10 years of The Changelog. It's the home of the biggest podcast focused on open source, and a favorite of freeCodeCamp founder Quincy Larson. This 4-hour episode is actually 2 interviews: 1. For the first 2.5 hours, Quincy interviews Changelog co-hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo about how they got into software development and podcasting, and the history of their legendary podcast. 2. Then we end with Adam and Jerod turning the tables and interviewing Quincy about the past and future of If you haven't heard of The Changelog before, it is website that hosts a podcast about open source software. Each week they interview new developers from around the software galaxy and explore what makes those projects tick. Adam Stacoviak founded The Changelog exactly 10 years ago. And Jerod Santo joined as co-host 7 years ago. Together - across 370 episodes - they've interviewed everyone from programmer legends, to the maintainers of open source projects you may have never even heard of. Quincy has listened to hundreds of The Changelog episodes over the years, and credits The Changelog with giving him such a broad view of open source, and the philosophies of the developers who started these projects. These interviews were conducted in-person in Adam's Houston-based studio. If you haven't yet, you should subscribe to The Changelog podcast. They have a variety of shows. We recommend starting with their Master Feed, which lets you explore all of their shows: And check out the special website they built to celebrate their 10 year anniversary: Follow Adam on Twitter: Follow Jerod on Twitter: And Quincy is:
3 hr 52 min
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