Travel Nurse Takeover with Ryan Sendow, RN
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Hey everyone. Welcome to the truth about travel nursing podcast. My name is Kyle Schmidt and I’m your host. This is episode 40 and we have another amazing guest with us today. We are joined today by Ryan Sendow. Ryan is an experienced travel nurse who specializes in psych. He’s currently taking some time off to focus on completing a Nurse Practitioner Program. He’s also the owner or operator of two very intriguing social media accounts that you will definitely want to follow. One is on Instagram and the other is on snapchat. They are both referred to as “Travel Nurse Takeover”. I can’t wait for you to hear about these unique and inspiring social media accounts and find out how you can benefit from them and even contribute to them which is what makes them really so awesome.

Show Intro

But first I want to get a little housecleaning out of the way. As you know, this is episode 40 of the podcast. I want to make sure that you’re aware that the first 38 episodes of the podcast are what are commonly referred to as evergreen content. That’s a fancy way of saying that they aren’t based on current events; that they’ll most likely always be relevant and useful.

The reason is that the first 38 episodes deal almost exclusively with the business of being a travel health care professional. Things like how to find housing how to evaluate pay packages. Tips for finding companies extra time pay rates and much more. So I highly recommend starting at episode 1 and listening from oldest to newest. Trust me there’s tons of great information to help you get the most out of your travel health care career.

Second, I want to invite you to connect with me and with BluePipes on social media. You can find me on Facebook at, that’s Send me a friend request I promise to accept it. Of course, you can connect with BluePipes on Facebook at That’s And on Instagram @bluepipesinc. It’s really one of the best ways to get all of our new content and you know hear about everything that’s going on in our world.

OK, so Ryan, thank you again so much for joining us. Take us back to the beginning and let us know how you got started in travel nursing.

How Ryan Got Started in Travel Nursing

[Ryan] Yeah. Hey guys. Hi listeners. Thank you Kyle for having me on the show. I appreciate it. As far as getting started in travel nursing, I just knew when I was a nursing school that I wanted to do some traveling. I grew up in Michigan for 26 years and when I was 24 years old I wanted to travel and I was ready to get out. I didn’t do much traveling growing up. I came from a poor family. So we didn’t do much traveling so I just knew that I wanted to get out and explore the country a little bit more. And that’s kind of how I started. I didn’t know any travel nurses at the time. Everyone at my nursing school, no one really knew about travel nursing, and the more I looked into it, it was really intriguing to me.

So it really helped me motivate myself in nursing school to know that there will be an opportunity to travel. That my job would afford me to explore the country a bit more and get paid a little bit more. Obviously it was a positive as well. So there was a lot of different factors and I was really excited when I started out in nursing with the intention to become a travel nurse.

[Kyle] That’s great. That’s great. So you mentioned that you were in that you grew up in Michigan did you. What part of Michigan did you grow up in.

[Ryan] I grew up in the metro Detroit area.

[Kyle] Ok. OK. So that’s a big it’s a big city.

[Ryan] Yeah yeah I I love it here. Actually it was when I was growing out to be. To be honest I was like Man I can’t I can’t wait to get out of Michigan. But after traveling I actually appreciate Michigan a lot more. And that’s what’s kind of cool about traveling nurses is that I think you start having appreciative appreciation to where you came and where you.

Topics Discussed Include:

  1. Where Ryan has traveled, including Phoenix, Arizona, Modesto, California, Seattle, Washington and Hawaii
  2. The benefits of travel nursing in Central, California.
  3. Is it difficult for PSYCH RNs to find travel nursing jobs?
  4. Working with multiple travel nursing companies.
  5. How Travel Nurse Takeover started
  6. How Travel Nurse Takeover is used
  7. How Travel Nurse Takeover is inspiring and connecting its community


Travel Nurse Takeover on Instagram

Travel Nurse Takeover on Facebook

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