How Travel Nurses Can Eat Right and Exercise on the Road
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Hey everyone welcome to the truth about travel nursing podcast. My name is Kyle Schmidt. I’m your host and this is Episode 39 of the podcast. This is a very special episode because we have our very first guest. That’s right. Up until now it’s been just me bloviating into this microphone by myself so I’m certain you’re as excited as I am to have a fresh new voice to help us branch out.

Introducing Alex McCoy of Fit Travel Life

And we have a very amazing first guest. We’re joined by Alex McCoy. Alex is a pediatric travel nurse. She runs a website called That’s It’s a website where she shares her personal passion for food fitness and travel. One of the website’s goals is to help you stay fit and healthy while you’re on the road which, as I’m sure you know, is actually a really difficult thing to do. Again that’s She is also the admin of the Fit Travel Life Facebook group. This is a Facebook group for healthcare travelers to connect, support and encourage each other on their health and fitness journey. So, you can find the Facebook group at Alex, thank you so much for joining us and welcome to the show. How did you get started in travel nursing? Take us back to the beginning.

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How Alex Got Started In Travel Nursing

Hey Kyle! Thanks so much for having me. I’m super excited to be your very first guest and excited to be on the podcast. So I started traveling a little over two and a half years ago. Initially I was close to home. My husband was finishing grad school and it was more for financial reasons than anything else at the time. And then once he graduated in May of 2017, he’s a physical therapist, we were able to travel together. I do pediatric travel or pediatric Med Surg. We’ve been to Phoenix, Wisconsin, Seattle, Georgia and then I’ve traveled quite a bit around the state of Missouri where I’m from as well. So it’s been a really great experience. We’re very lucky that both of us get to travel together that we both have careers that can work together in that way. It’s just been a lot of fun. I really, really enjoy it and I enjoy learning about the different facilities and how different places do things. I feel like as a nurse I’ve really grown as a traveler so it’s been great.

Topics Discussed Include:

  1. Gaining more experience as a travel nurse than a staff nurse
  2. Did travel nursing pay better?
  3. Difficulty finding travel nursing jobs as a couple and how to manage it
  4. How Fit Travel Life started
  5. How the Fit Travel Life Facebook group thrives
  6. Eating healthy on road-trips and during the assignment
  7. Packing your cookware when travel nursing
  8. Tips for finding gyms and other places to exercise as a travel nurse
  9. Tips for staying motivated and where to find support and encouragement while travel nursing.


  1. Fit Travel Life Website
  2. Fit Travel Life Facebook Group


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