Blocked Party
Episode 80: Grace Spelman v. Kevin Spacey
Jun 1, 2020 · 1 hr 27 min
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In an episode that was recorded a week ago and thus feels like it was recorded eons ago, Grace Spelman (writer, musician) joins the show to talk about being blocked by Kevin Spacey, but not for any of the reasons you'd suspect. Call it serendipitous for Grace, given what we learned about Mr. Spacey after, but a very funny block nonetheless. As we said, this episode was recorded in what feels like a more breezy time, when the world was wracked by a devastating virus, and we find some time to touch on that as John shares one of the craziest COVID stories we've heard yet. The Blocked Boys also get into trips to Disney theme parks, video games, musicians we could beat up, and Stefan brings back "Real or Fake", but this time with Marilyn Manson quotes.


CW: This episode features a brief retelling of the Mr. Buckles story, which contains a story of animal death (no cruelty or violence). This story is told from 47:35-48:55, if you wish to avoid it.


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Grace Spelman's new show "That's My Jam" is coming out soon, and she can be followed on Twitter and Instagram at @GraceSpelman.

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