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In times of extreme upheaval, why do some people, communities, companies and systems thrive, while others fall apart?

Andrew Stolli answers that question and more. 

Andrew is the author of the best-selling book “Resilience, Why Things Bounce Back” published by Simon and Schuster in the U.S., and in many other languages and territories around the world. The books is his research on the dynamics of resilience in many contexts, people, systems, communities, and companies.

Resilience forces us to take the possibility even necessity of failure seriously - Andrew Zolli

On this podcast we talk about

  • Why he wrote a book about resilience
  • How organizations and people bounce back
  • Social media and resilience, does it help or hurt
  • Society and whether social safety nets make us more fragile
  • The impact of faith on resilience - it’s not what you think
  • What he learned about organizational resilience in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  • and much more 

I would love to follow Andrew around for a few days and as he is involved in a lot of very interesting projects. For 11 years, he was the creative force behind PopTech, a renowned innovation and social change network. He served on the board of the Garrison Institute and Blurb. He also serves as an advisor to PlanetLabs (a revolutionary Earth-imaging company), DataKind, which is bringing data science to the social sector, and The Workshop School, an experiment in what a public high school can be. He served as a Fellow of the National Geographic Society. He advises governmental organization, startups, cultural and civil society groups including leadership teams at companies like GE, Nike and Facebook.

Show Notes and Resources 

[00:07:57] Where we discuss the forces that likely put Trump in office

[00:13:53] Resilience and the inverted ∩

[00:22:05] Resilience as a skill

[00:23:33] An example of organizational resilience in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

[00:32:59] What makes organizations resilient

[00:32:59] Middle management and organizational resilience 

[00:34:20] Social programs and resilience

[00:43:40] The 10 factors that encourage personal resilience

[00:44:35] I ask if Facebook making us stronger or weaker

[00:50:52] Intentionality and emotional control


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