Be Holy in All You Do
Colossians 3 contains a call to holiness, calling Christians to avoid sexual immorality, greed, rage, and coarse language.  (As such, this sermon will deal with mature "PG-13" topics.) In our culture, we have two major ethical systems that compete with one another — hedonism v. holiness. Both ideologies dictate how people should live their lives. With hedonism, the highest value is placed on seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, and it includes phrases like "if it feels good, do it" and "as long as it makes you happy." On the other hand, biblical holiness is guided by obedience to God's will, whether or not it "feels good" to do in the moment. God calls us to be holy in all areas of our lives because He designed us to truly thrive within a holy lifestyle. Anything outside of God's plan is subpar and ultimately destructive. When it comes to our finances, our eating habits, our speech, and our relationships, God's plan is divinely superior, and the same is true in our sex lives. He created us in such a way that requires sex (reproduction) to survive, but He also blessed us by making that act pleasurable and spiritually unifying. And with that beautifully designed blessing, God expects us to use sex in holy ways. Key Text: Colossians 3:5-7
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