133. IG Engagement Dropped? Here's How You Fix It Overnight
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Is your Instagram engagement suffering? Are you not getting the likes you used to? In today’s episode, co-Founder Natalie Ellis does a solo podcast and shares her thoughts on the IG algorithm, engagement, and all things content.

In a detailed breakdown of what exactly it means to have a full grasp on Content Marketing and implement all of its pillars, you’ll walk away with the motivation and tools to get the most out of everything you post. 

So listen along to level up your content, make the most of the new Instagram update, and have a few reality checks along the way! You’ll learn how to find your business's most profitable path by being consistent, being valuable, and being relevant. Having your pulse on what’s happening around the world, making the Instagram algorithm work for you, and taking advantage of video content (hello Reels!) to grow your numbers. Plus, a Black Friday + Cyber Monday announcement that you do NOT want to miss! 







The Perfectionism Project
The Perfectionism Project
Sam Laura Brown
Ep 251: My Biggest Failures, Lessons + Takeaways From 2020
I’m such a big believer in reviewing your year, I thought I’d share my year in review with you! At the end of every year, I look through my favorite podcasts and listen to the year in review episodes. I believe it is such an important way to learn about the failures, mistakes and lessons that others make too. Tune into this episode, as I reflect on and share with you my biggest failures, lessons and takeaways from 2020. Be sure to tune in! In This Episode You’ll Learn: * What I did that led to actually getting clear on my niche * The phrase I told myself when I failed that kept me going * Why selling to too large of an audience was not allowing my business to grow * The power that can come from sticking with the things we fail at * You do not have to be certified to start building your coaching business and why Featured In The Episode: * Perfectionists Getting Shit Done - my group coaching program * FREE Training - How To Build A Full-Time Coaching Business Without Getting Laughed At * Episodes 166: Personal Development Lessons From 2019 * Episode 243: When To Change Your Sales Tactics (And When Not To) * Episode 246: 3 People Not To Create Content For Join us in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done If you enjoy listening to this podcast, I highly recommend joining my group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done. When you become a member of our community, you’ll get instant access to my proven process for building a full-time coaching business without getting laughed at. It’s called the Full-Time Formula and it’s all yours, alongside our coaching calls, courses and PGSD Private Podcast, as soon as you sign up. Join our group coaching program today at samlaurabrown.com/membership
1 hr 11 min
Women of Impact
Women of Impact
Lisa Bilyeu
Blogilates Cassey Ho on Why Body-Shaming Yourself is Never the Answer | Women of Impact
Check out our Sponsors Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Believe it or not, the person you talk with most in your life is actually yourself. Are you treating yourself with kindness, grace, acceptance and love? Or are you harsh, unkind, brutal, and unforgiving towards the person you see in the mirror? It’s time for you to away from the scale and step towards a path of self-love and acceptance. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and creator of ‘Blogilates’ Cassey Ho to discuss such matters and more as they explore why it’s critical you silence your inner negative-voice and begin to treat yourself with love, acceptance, and grace everyday, no matter your weight or size. They discuss the importance of being your true self, why you should love yourself unconditionally, how to end your negative thoughts, the four stages of your relationship with the scale, how to approach health, how to stop hating yourself and start loving yourself instead, the rules you need to set for yourself, why grace is important in growth, and the key steps you can take to get started today.   SHOW NOTES:   Intro | Lisa opens today’s episode and welcomes today’s guest, Cassey Ho. [0:47] Transformation | Cassey shares her realization that she wasn’t being truly herself. [3:02] Be Kinder | Cassey reveals why you need to be kinder to yourself. [6:05] Change | Cassey shares how you can start to break your negative thoughts. [6:41] Be You | Cassey shares why you should never let others dictate your decisions. [9:09] The Scale | Cassey shares the four relationships you have with the scale. [11:21] Health | Cassey reveals why you can’t go overboard and disregard your health. [16:01] Stopping | Cassey shares the time when she had to stop a workout YouTube video. [18:12] Love Yourself | Cassey shares how to love your body while still pushing yourself. [20:26] Journey | Cassey shares her journey to being physically and mentally healthy. [24:10] Rules | Cassey shares why you should create a flexible structure for yourself. [25:35] Adapt | Cassey shares why it’s okay to have setbacks on your journey forward. [27:18] Slipping Back | Cassey shares how to avoid fluctuating and reverting back. [28:25] Confidence | Cassey shares how accomplishing your goals builds confidence. [30:46] Comparing | Cassey shares why you shouldn’t negatively compare yourself to others. [32:31] Grace | Cassey reveals why you should give yourself grace to slip from time to time. [36:25] Get Started | Cassey reveals what you need to get started on your fitness journey. [40:28] Connect | Cassey shares how you can continue to follow and workout with her. [41:58]   QUOTES:   “You know, there’s a camp of people who believe that if you want to change, it means you don’t love yourself… No, you can do both because in loving yourself, you want to improve yourself…” [10:26]   “So, I highly suggest that anyone going through an abusive scale relationship, they need to take the scale out of their life until, at some point, they can see the scale again simply as a tool, not as something that can tell you if you’re going to have a good day or a bad day…” [14:28]   “When you go on any type of journey, you have to write out your rules so that you stay in line and I think it’s really important to be very strict and ridged with yourself so that you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there…” [25:38]   FOLLOW LISA BILYEU:   Instagram: https://bit.ly/2TIsoKh YouTube: https://bit.ly/2IAbTcH Podcast: https://spoti.fi/2IEajGW   FOLLOW CASSEY:   Website: blogilates.com YouTube: youtube.com/user/blogilates Instagram: instagram.com/blogilates Facebook: facebook.com/blogilates/ Twitter: twitter.com/blogilates LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cassey-ho-23350792/
44 min
Work Less, Earn More
Work Less, Earn More
Gillian Perkins
EP 55: The $10K/month Side Hustle With Keina Newell
One of the biggest changes we’re making in 2021 is how we run the podcast. Instead of pre-recording and editing all the episodes before we release them, we’re now recording the show LIVE each week inside Startup Society, so that the members can listen in and participate by asking questions. As I write this, I’ve just finished recording the first of these live sessions, and what a great interview it was! In today’s episode, I sat down with Keina Newell, financial coach and founder of Wealth Over Now. Keina works with professional women and solopreneurs to create new possibilities with their money so they can save more, pay off debt, invest in themselves and stress less about money. Keina is passionate about her work and finds no greater satisfaction than helping her clients start managing their money with joy because they’ve learned to feel possibility where they once felt shame, guilt, overwhelm, and anxiety. We had a great discussion about how she’s built her coaching practice to $10K months -- while maintaining her full-time corporate job. Keina shared a lot of great insights into how to market yourself as a coach (or freelancer) and how to balance a side-hustle with a full-time job. Listen to the full episode to hear: * How Keina’s grown her coaching business from 0 to where she is today * The systems Keina has in place so she can operate her coaching practice while working full-time * How she's maximizing profits with a 1:1 business model Learn more about Keina Newell: * wealthovernow.com * Wealth Over Now on Instagram Learn more about Gillian: * Join Startup Society (promo code: earnmore) * Profit Planning Challenge * Get in touch!
26 min
You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl
You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl
Ashley Stahl
[SOULo] Ep. 156 Releasing Heaviness, Manifesting, Making a YOU TURN
What feels heavy in your life? It’s you and Ash today, for a soul-filled solo episode! During this intimate chat, Ash shares seven steps on how to step into a higher version of yourself. If you have been feeling the weight of the world lately or know that you want more from your life, this episode is just for you. These steps are all about how to release what no longer serves you and embrace the future that you actually want. Ash gets honest, real, and raw about her personal experiences and shares her hopes and dreams throughout this conversation. Take a moment for yourself, follow along, and then do the same. In This Episode, You’ll Learn: * How to connect your thoughts, feelings, and actions. * How to take inspired action in your life. * A tool to manifest what you really want. Promotion: Want to upgrade your health? Visit organifi.com/youturn and enter code YOUTURN to get 20% off at check out! Here are some of Ash’s favorite goodies to put in your next coffee, tea, water or smoothie: ✨Pure Powder: Lion’s Main extract, aloe vera and ginger extract are just a few of the superfoods packed into this powder to improve your mental clarity and overall brain health. 🥬Green Powder: Packed with spirulina, chlorella, and ashwagandha, to increase your immunity and aid your digestive tract. 🍦Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder: A soy-free, dairy-free, 100% vegan protein that tastes like a milkshake and yet is packed with amino acids and MCT’s to speed up metabolism, quench cravings and improve recovery. 🌟Gold powder- A yummy anti-inflammatory superfood powder packed with reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cinnamon and magnesium to support restful relaxation and recovery. Promotion: Visit YouTurnBook.com to get a copy of Ashley’s NEW book— You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction & Design Your Dream Career! With your early order of this book you can gain access to a FREE bundle of courses with more than 25 hours of content on money mindset, launching a side hustle and life purpose. Enter a picture of your book receipt at ashleystahl.com/claimbundle to gain access to the free courses while you can! They’re valued at more than $2,500 and have been gifted for FREE from some of Ashley’s favorite self help leaders!
16 min
Manifestation Babe
Manifestation Babe
Kathrin Zenkina
(#201) Top manifestation questions answered (Part 2)
Hello, my gorgeous souls! Welcome back to part two of my Q&A. In celebration of the launch of my new program, The Manifestation Babe Academy, I will be answering your top questions here on the podcast. Topics I will go over today are; manifestation guidelines, believing in what you are manifesting, and why we manifest terrible things. So with that being said, let's dive into part 2 of this Q&A series. In this episode, I answer MORE of your questions!! If you or someone you know has had similar breakthroughs be sure to tag me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and share this episode with your community to spread the word! I am curious to hear all about your experience. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting and email it to my team at hello@manifestationbabe.com and I will see you in the next episode. You GUYS! I have opened up enrollment to my FREE, Make Manifestation Second Nature workshop. This completely free workshop will teach YOU how to manifest all of your desires on AUTOPILOT! Please visit the link to check out all the details! The workshop starts on Jan 25th, 2021, so be sure NOT to miss out!! In This Episode You Will Learn : How to know which manifestation guidelines to follow (2.48) Questions I Answer: How do you stay in the moment of believing that you have what you're manifesting? (6:58) How does one manifest something terrible, despite being focused on the positive? (13:28) Links/Resources Sign up for The FREE Make Manifestation Second Nature Workshop The NEW MBA Waitlist @alexleighj @netta_he @randommmgirlll The Manifestation Babe Shop Manifestation Babe Links Follow me on Instagram Join our Manifestation Babe community! Visit our website!
26 min
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