The startup built for the reinvention of work ft. David Moricca
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For many businesses, the dramatically different working conditions caused by the pandemic presented many challenges. But for one scrappy digital startup, it presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Listen to founder and CEO David Moricca - whose business Socialive was built to support remote work - speak about stepping up in the moment and making the transition to working-from-quarantine easier for businesses. He shares what he’s learned as a leader and how he sees the way we work changing forever.


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] When the pandemic hit, changes needed to be made quickly. While some companies had to fold completely, others got stuck in a holding pattern and still remain there. One scrappy digital start up, Socialive, was uniquely positioned to solve the problem of creating great content in an era of remote work.

[3:02] David Moricca is the CEO of Socialive, an enterprise video platform. Socialive makes it refreshingly easy to democratize video content creation across the enterprise.

[4:59] David and his team at Socialive did foresee a need for this, but the urgency of the pandemic made it important for them to build the plane as they launched. For example, they already had the capability of creating HD quality isolated feeds of people on their video, but needed to expand their thinking so they could provide any more.

[5:38] Socialive saw early adopters not just in small and mid-market businesses, but Fortune 500 companies as well.

[7:20] What was it like to be a business owner when the pandemic first hit? David talks about the unprecedented time of trepidation in society, while also knowing his company is uniquely set up to grow for a situation similar to what was happening.

[8:55] Screen fatigue is very real. David and Jo predict we will find more ways to get in rest and relaxation between online meetings and virtual work.

[09:03] Being in person is still important and special to that sticky connection between team members. David and Jo discuss how company outings may pivot to be more memorable experiences featuring shorter event times and deeper bonding.

[10:27] Virtual meetings also will shift. Instead of looking like a Zoom call, they will have shorter watch times to better capture people’s attention.

[13:31] There are pros and cons to working remotely and also remote learning for our children. While balancing work/life is tough for parents, not having a commute saves time and money. While children also are missing the interaction with their peers and traditional learning may suffer, they are gaining new digital skills that can better prepare them for the future.

[16:07] Would David change anything about how they adapted during the pandemic at Socialive? No. It taught them to be scrappy, and he is extremely proud of his team and their thoughtful way of moving forward.



  • “There are tools out there to help and opportunities to change what was broken about old ways of working.” - Jo
  • “We can source the best talent now, regardless of location and product top notch video content without expensive tools from our homes.” - David
  • “There is still a big value to being in person, and you can’t change that.” - David


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