Bill Pulte - The Center Cannot Hold 04
Play • 45 min

In this episode of The Center Cannot Hold, Bill Pulte CEO of Twitter Philanthropy, grandson of the late founder of home-building giant PulteGroup talks about his charity with host Alex McShane. They discuss how Bitcoin will reshape philanthropy, how Bitcoin can be integrated into philanthropic organizations and trustless payments without commissions, and the ideal structure of philanthropic ventures.They also discussed how Twitter Philanthropy got onboarded into Bitcoin, the ways Bitcoin reduces remittance fees, a decentralized approach to philanthropy, and raising funds to create a network giving effect. Pulte considered questions such as what is the right way to allocate resources? Is Twitter Philanthropy a capitalist organization? How should charitable donations be facilitated? Whether and to what extent good deeds go unreciprocated, or whether there is an during the act of giving. Pulte also considered how best could best educate people about Bitcoin. 


To conclude the show, Pulte and Alex discussed philanthropy on lightning in El Salvador, navigating political landscapes, substance abuse and giving, accounting for scammers, giving independent of location, and the golden age of Bitcoin philanthropy.


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