Bitcoin Q & A, Jan. 2021
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I asked for your Bitcoin questions. Here are my answers. Want to ask a Bitcoin question too? Subscribe to get a notification for the next Q&A. I was joined by Chris Chester.

0:01:00 Introduction
0:03:40 If you had to specify your options for preferred exchange, cold storage wallet, hardware wallet, software wallet, multi sig wallet – which would you choose and why?
0:09:21 Software wallets
0:12:15 Counter arguments to custodial wallets
0:16:50 Cold storage/paper wallets
0:24:10 Finding a buyer for your Bitcoin: When I want to sell Bitcoins which I have in my wallet. Do I have to find a buyer or can I just exchange them anytime without any issue? Thanks
0:29:45 What kind of price behavior of bitcoin do you expect in this bull run – how high will it go, how much will it fall given the new players entering the market.
0:34:50 At what price level in this bull run will you start to reduce BTC exposure and to what percentage of your investment portfolio.
0:40:44 Which other cryptocurrencies do you own/trade. Which projects do you believe in?
0:43:35 Ledger breach: Your recommendations regarding ledger breach: how to set up a burner phone and a burner e-mail address?
0:50:45 Which exchange do you trust. Which online Crypto-Broker is viable? I checked some experience reports for Bitpanda, etoro and Swissquote and there was a lot of negative statements.
0:54:33 Can I buy Ethereum with the green wallet too? If not, what can I use?
0:56:17 What if the wallet software company closes down?
0:57:30 In the news

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