Episode 85: Geeky Magic – Chronic Cardio

Does it seem like your chronic levels of cardio never get you any closer to your fitness goals? You may be overdoing it. When you honor your biology as a woman and understand the way your body works when it comes to your muscles, heart rate, and even your menstrual cycle, you can train in a way that makes every rep count. 


Zone 2 training is where you want to be if your goal is to change your body composition. By spending more time in Zone 2, you work the right muscles to burn fat effectively and sustainably. Learn how estrogen plays a role in your training routine and even your risk of injury—and hear some training tips to start off on the right foot. 


Make sure you get access to the show notes, they are packed with more information, diagrams, and resources for this episode.


For those of you who didn’t catch last week's Geeky Magic, it was about fat loss. Listen here. Geeky Magic is a new type of episode I’m adding to the line up to take a step away from the interviews. I’m going to bring you personal insights, FAQ’s, and trending topics in a more condensed, quick, and actionable way. 


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Episode Overview:


    • 00:00 Intro
    • 01:25 The Different Muscles & Muscle Fibers
    • 05:10 Different Exercises 
    • 07:00 What Happens When You Overtrain
    • 08:05 HIIT Training Tips for Fat Loss
    • 10:00 How Your Menstrual Cycle & Estrogen Fit In
    • 12:45 Honor and Adapt to Your Biology
    • 14:40 Zone 2 Heart Rate & Training 
    • 16:55 The Benefits of Zone 2 Training for Fat Loss
    • 18:15 Why You Should Implement Zone 2 Training
    • 19:23 Training Recommendations
    • 20:00 Where to Start


Listen to Geeky Magic episodes Menstrual Cycle 101 and C is for Cortisol

The heart rate monitor I use: Polar

Check out the Estima Diet 


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