Better Product
Better Product
Dec 1, 2020
BONUS: The Impact of Design on Business Strategy with Alastair Simpson, VP of Design at Dropbox
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Instead of only asking the designers to understand the ins and out of the business, when do we ask the business to understand design?

In this episode, Alastair Simpson, VP of Design at Dropbox, points out that design leaders are also business leaders, noting what they need to understand about the company to secure a seat at the executive table. He also challenges the notion that it’s a one-way street, opening up the conversation to challenge businesses to understand the impact of design.  

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Decode Fintech
Decode Fintech
How expressPay Builds Trust with Customer Service
As a fintech company, you work hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong. But when things do go wrong, like they inevitably will, how you handle the situation can make the difference between a customer who churns, and a passionate ambassador for life. In this episode, we speak with Francis Appiah, the Operations Manager at expressPay. Francis speaks about hiring great support teams, and how a diverse support team leverages past experiences, skills and relationships to go above and beyond when solving customer problems. He also discusses how to balance providing great customer service to even the most difficult customers, while protecting team welfare.IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT 2:38 — How the customer support team is set up at expressPay 3:53 — What skills should an excellent support team member possess? 8:11 — How expressPay's customer support team measures success 9:24 — [Paystack Product Alert] Introducing Paystack Transfers 10:43 — Why cross-functional teams result in better customer outcomes 11:41 — Values to watch out for when hiring for customer service roles 13:29 — What an obsession with customer happiness looks like at expressPay 16:35 — How expressPay handles acutely difficult customersLINKS * Connect with Francis on LinkedIn * Check out expressPayFOLLOW US The Decode Fintech newsletter is a weekly email summary of the most important news in African fintech. Subscribe to receive original commentary and curated stories, as well as the latest episode of the podcast. * Subscribe to the Decode Fintech Newsletter * Follow Decode Fintech on TwitterDECODE FINTECH IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY PAYSTACK Paystack helps Africa's most successful fintechs build and scale popular financial service products with the industry's best-documented APIs. Please visit to find out more.
19 min
Design Details
Design Details
Brian Lovin, Marshall Bock
386: Designing with Grid Systems
This week, we talk about designing with grid systems. In particular: when grid systems break, and what to do when they don’t align with our hardware screens perfectly. In The Sidebar, we talk all about design debt: how to work with it, pay it down, and eventually learn to accept it.Golden Ratio Supporter: A huge shoutout to Copilot, the best app for budgeting and tracking your personal finances. It’s our favorite tool for categorizing our spending, having our net worth available at a glance, and getting monthly (and yearly!) digests of all your spending. Get the app at VIP Patrons: * Leigh LaMon * Edyta Niemyjska * Jaime * Brandon Hills * Jonathan De Wet * Guilherme Kaiser * Lillian Lin * Aris Acoba * Kyle Stuart * Hugo Tunius * Kish Patel * Michael Otto * Denis Zastanceanu * Kelvin O'Shea * Scott Underwood * Lachlan Campbell * Lucas VanGombos * Sam xia * Ravi Aujla * Brian NelsonThe Sidebar: The Sidebar is an exclusive weekly segment for our Patreon supporters. You can subscribe starting at $1 per month for access to full episodes going forward! Sign up at In this week's Sidebar, we answer a listener question that can be ultimately paraphrased as: _How do you deal with design debt?_Main Topic: Joey Jungle asks on GitHub: _Designing with grid systems?_ – and continues with many words asking why grid systems are often unintuitive, and don’t align neatly with our hardware screens. Great question!Cool Things: * Brian shared the iA Quattro typeface, one of three beautiful (and free, open source!) typefaces from the iA team. It seems to be striking a happy middle ground between a sans and a mono, making it useful for adding a computer-y tone to an interface while staying readable. * My thread with some work in progress screenshots. * Marshall shared Little Nightmares II, a beautiful (and scary) indie side-scroller. It looks gorgeous, and the sound design is incredible.Design Details on the Web: * 📻 We are @designdetailsfm * 🎙 Brian is @brian_lovin * 🎙 Marshall is @marshallbock * 📬 Don't have Twitter? Email us at * 🙌 Support us on Patreon - your support literally makes this show possible. Thank you ❤️ * ❓ Got a question? Ask it on our Listener Questions Hub, and we'll do our best to answer it on the show :) * ⭐️ Enjoying the show? Leave us a review on iTunes Byeee!
25 min
Why are elections so hard to design well?
The fundamental design feature of a democratic society is a citizen's right to vote. But ensuring that every person is able to vote is not as easy as it seems. Everything from how you design a paper ballot, build an electronic terminal, process a mail-in ballot, engineer a public space for private voting, and so on, brings hundreds of complicated design decisions. We look at how design choices are sometimes at odds with political ones. In this episode: Wireframe producer Dominic Girard and host Khoi Vinh learn why designing for elections is a never-ending challenge. After the 2000 US Presidential Election, voter Andre Fladell sued after a flaw in the design of his ballot caused him to vote for the wrong candidate. Drew Davies of Oxide Design loves trying to bring order to ballot chaos, and has been trying to help the civic design process for nearly twenty years. Designer Whitney Quesenbery at the Center for Civic Design has been leading the charge in all things election design - and continues to support election officials on everything from signage, to electronic machines to mail-in ballots. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County redesigned their voting systems this year. Called the Voter Solutions for All People, it's an ambitious project that updates the county's ballot machines to something modern, electronic, secure and, most importantly, user friendly. Kate Ludicrum and Jon Fox talk about how they helped it come together in time for the California Primary. Read the PDF transcript of this episode Wireframe reveals the stories behind user experience design and how it helps technology fit into our lives. It’s a podcast for UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and the design-curious. Hosted by Khoi Vinh, one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. Learn more about designing with Adobe XD at
30 min
380 / 开发一款可以拯救我们祖母的app:专访NZ COVD Tracer设计团队
在这次全球抗击新冠疫情的战役中,新西兰在澳洲智库Lowy Institute的报告中,是全球评分最高的国家。对于这项优秀的成绩,疫情跟踪app NZ COVID Tracer起到了重要的作用。在新西兰进入全国四级警戒之后的短短几周,该app便发布上线。目前全国人口的一半一上的人,都已经注册了帐号,并通过这个app扫描记录自己的行踪,间接地帮助拯救生命。 这期播客,我有幸独家采访到NZ COVID Tracer app的设计团队主要成员,奥克兰软件技术公司RUSH的首席产品经理Chloe Fong和首席设计官Stephen Horner,他们分享了很多软件背后的设计故事。用RUSH公司CEO的话说,开发这个app,是一次“可以拯救我们祖母的难得机会”! Out of nearly 100 countries, New Zealand has been ranked the best at responding to the Covid-19 outbreak, based on a recent report from Lowy Institute, an independent think tank in Australia. The NZ COVID Tracer app took a very important part during the whole COVID-fighting process - more than half of the people in New Zealand using the app to help save people's lives. The app was developed and delivered by RUSH, an Auckland based digital agency, which only took 6 weeks from concept to launch. As a designer, I think the opportunity of being involved in this project is once or twice in a lifetime. What are the stories behind the scene? Who are the people doing the design of the app? In this episode of Bear Academy, I have the pleasure of talking to Stephen Horner - Chief Design Officer and Chloe Fong - Lead Product Manager about the story of designing and delivering the NZ COVID Tracer app. 关于: 「狗熊有话说」播客是由 大狗熊 于 2012 年创办的独立中文知识型播客节目,以阅读、科技、旅行和个人成长为主要话题内容,是 iTunes 中国区长期推荐播客,被苹果 iTunes 评选为「2013 年度精选最佳社会与文化播客」。 收听: 在苹果 Podcasts、Spotify、新浪播客、网易云音乐 、喜马拉雅FM 和 荔枝FM 等音频播客平台中可以搜索"狗熊有话说"并关注收听; 直接于【狗熊有话说】播客官网 (在线收听; 在微信公号文章中可以直接点击音频按钮收听; 支持: 如果你认可大狗熊的节目,请向朋友们推荐这档节目,邀请朋友们关注公众号“狗熊有话说”; 大狗熊会在YouTube上更新更多关于设计、效率与学习类的内容,请在YouTube订阅频道 如果喜欢英文内容,您也可以在这里订阅大狗熊的英文邮件 (,不定期收获学习经验分享。 联系: 微 信:bearbigtalk(公众号) 网 站 ( 邮 箱 ( 微 博:@i大狗熊 ( If like this one, why don't you subscribe to Bear? Every post, to your inbox. 100% true, and always keep it real. And of course, no spam, ever. Go ahead, click to subscribe.
1 hr 10 min
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