Better Off Said
Nikki Butler and Becca Booker
Bloggers and self-starters, Nikki Butler and Becca Booker, are both 20-somethings, but in completely different stages of life. On this podcast, they'll offer their different perspectives on all topics they are obsessing over or experiencing at the moment, with insightful interviews from experts, entrepreneurs and even just the girl next door. Better Off Said brings together women in all stages of life, exploring topics from business, wellness, friendship, motherhood and yes, all the online social media shit we are obsessed with. Why “Better Off Said”? We’re having conversations that don’t tip-toe around the “lines”. We’re all thinking it. So don’t you think it’s just better off said?  Join the conversation every Wednesday and don’t be afraid to get real and actually learn something. Oh, and our mission? To educate, inspire and entertain the millennial woman to find her voice and take her next step whether it be in business, a relationship or even just getting a foot out the door to happy hour. Get instant updates by following us on Instagram @betteroffpod.
Better Off Said
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