Episode 37: Interview with Kara Kruger Part 1
46 min

What is your story of hope? …

The more you know about your body and what it needs, the more you can provide it.

Are you living your best holistic life?

Prevention is key and knowledge is power.

Did you know?

Everybody has their own unique way that their body works.

In this two-part episode, host Jana Short speaks with Kara Kruger and they discuss ….

• Kara shares her story of hope • Kara shares how having knowledge of your body can help you know how to better take care of yourself. • By knowing your DNA make up and Genes you can better know your body

Tune into this two-part episode + I speak with Kara Kruger + she goes over my DNA discovery and how having knowledge of your DNA can help you better take care of yourself.

Key Points:

• You can get a DNA discovery to help you better understand your body. • You can look at your genes to see how things are happening well and what your challenges are. • You can tell how your body is functioning by looking at your vitamins on your DNA discovery. • By looking at your genes, you can see certain strands that are from your different parents and how they are positioned. • Vitamin A is vital for your immune system function. • You can take supplements to help with your vitamin production and to balance the vitamins your body isn’t making correctly. • Everyone has their own unique way that their body works. • DNA discovery can help you know what your body needs and if you are right on track. • Magnesium is a master mineral for everyone, especially if we struggle with Vitamin D levels. • You can get a lot of essential vitamins through the food you eat. • With DNA discovery you can have awareness and prevention of things effecting your mind and body. • DNA is our recipe; it is the parts that make up our body. • Having knowledge about your DNA and Genes can help you make choices for your health. • Being empowered is an individual choice so when looking at your genes it can be empowering or challenging. • By having DNA testing, doctors can make better decisions to your health. • Doctors continue to make discoveries and learn more valuable information everyday about DNA. • Vitamins and DNA can have a negative result on your health so sometimes you have to supplement with other things. • You can learn about your sleeping patterns with DNA testing. • Our bodies tend to communicate with us what we are lacking. • You can find ways to make lifestyle changes whether it’s a supplement regiment or changes in behavior that can positively impact your health. • Don’t wait until something happens in your body to get a DNA test, you should get one to be proactive. • Your DNA is unique to only you and does not change. • You can learn about your risks for inflammation from DNA testing. • You can get $50 off to do work with Kara and her team just from listening to this podcast!

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