Episode 18: Interview with Robin Jones
35 min

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Robin Jones. Robin is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a mother of eight lively children! She is currently leading a wellness business with over 65,000 MEMBERS!

They discuss:

  • “Homework flow” is when you create a work and home balance.

  • It’s important to find your homework flow in order to keep up with everyday life.

  • You must set boundaries between work and home.

  • As a society, we need to recognize depression and anxiety, as it is happening within a lot of children and adults today.

  • In order to get in shape with your mental and physical health you need to treat your gut and then your brain. This includes natural herbs, essential oils etc.

  • A morning ritual is what starts your day off right and keeps you on track.

  • Giving yourself quiet time in the morning can help you reflect for the day.

  • Setting routines are a good way to keeping your family healthy and successful.

  • Boosting your family’s immune systems around cold and flu season is essential for your family’s health.

  • Mom hack- Making smoothies can be fun for your kids when they don’t want to eat greens or healthy food.

  • Essential oils are a good parenting hack to keeping your family healthy.

  • Sleep is another good parenting hack to keeping your family healthy.

  • There are many uses for essential oils to help with these parenting hacks.

  • Hiring a doula and having the woman connection during postpartum and birth is a good survival tool for women.

  • Essential oils can be used to help and be effective against anxiety during postpartum and delivery of your children.

  • You can use essential oils to help with your postpartum care in a few different ways as well as on your baby after they are born.

  • Working with doTERRA Essential oils gives you the ability to work while having peace and freedom and putting schedules in to place so you achieve that.

  • “Put a healer into every home”

  • You must empower yourself and your family to achieve healthiness.

  • Robin is giving away 5 simple things list that you can incorporate into your daily life to master a routine and being healthy. You can find this on dailymoodmastery.com

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