Episode 41: You Can Climb That Mountain!
28 min

Everyone has a story to tell, struggles to share and an impact to make on the world. In this episode, host Jana Short speaks about a person she met that truly impacted her life and ways to have a positive mindset even through your struggles.

What is your story of hope? …

I am always looking for really inspiring things to share, stories of hope, and totally what mindset can do to your life.

Are you living your best holistic life?

I wanted to share this incredible story about how years ago someone made such an impression on my life that I’ve never forgotten.

Sometimes your life struggles are where the magic happens.

And you definitely don’t want to miss that.

In this episode, Jana short speaks about how you can climb that MOUNTAIN! ….

• Jana shares how she met someone that made such an impact on her life named Kyle Maynard • How you can make something of the struggles in your life • There is always hope and ways to always stay positive

Tune into this 25-minute episode + I speak about how you can overcome your struggles + ways you can use your story to impact others and climb that MOUNTAIN!

Key Points:

• Your mindset is key to your story and how you live your life. • Sometimes you can use your life struggles to learn a very valuable lesson. • You can do anything you set your mind to. • I share my story of hope and how I have overcome struggles in my life. • Paying attention to your self-care is important for your health. • Always pay attention to your body and listen to your symptoms. • There is power in sharing your story, the power and sharing of hope out there in the world. • Whatever is holding you back, change your mindset. Don’t let it stop you. • Keep telling yourself positive things, telling yourself negative things will hold you back. • The things you say and do will have an impact on others. • Find a support system to keep you going and in a positive mindset. • Just remember to always think about how you can help your clients and make their lives better. • There is a reward from all of your hard work and drive to positive things that you want in life. • I recommend you read Kyle Maynard’s book to be inspired. • You can also find Kyle Maynard on Wikipedia. • Have a good week and remember there is always hope.

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