2.7 | Listener Stories - Strange Creatures, UFOs, and Graveyard Ghosts
Play • 1 hr 41 min

Friends gather ‘round! Ready for some fresh eyewitness accounts to a smorgasbord of strange goings-ons?! Today, buried within the Belief Hole  are tales of glitching black dogs, teleporting tear-drop UFOs, and bell-wielding graveyard ghosts - just to name a few ;)  So stoke the fire and pour a glass, because the Belief Hole is opening.. and she wants to tell you a story..

Also.. Jon’s motorhome monster,  hoverboard kisses, and how to embarrass your way out of a relationship.

EXPANSION EPISODE: 2.7 EXP | Cursed Films and Haunted Movie Sets

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07:14 | Columbus Teardrop UFO - (Mike)17:23 | Cincinnati Teardrop UFO20:54 | UFO above Grandfather's Barn - (Kirsten)24:10 | Strange Craft Crashes Cocktail Party25:12 | Teacher Recalls Hunting Encounter (Kirsten)30:21 | Glitching Black Dog (Heidi)40:15 | Neighborhood Shapeshifter - (Art Bell)43:35 | The Brothers Recall Strange Monstrous Encounters47:59 | Bells in the Cemetery (Dad)51:30 | Safety Coffins57:00 | Haunted Home Construction - (Marsha)1:06:14 | Expansion Preview - Cursed Films and Haunted Sets1:09:43 | Cat Connection - (Alex)1:14:04 | Jon’s Apocalypse Train 1:15:34 | Ghost Dog - (Wally)1:17:53 | Crypt Dweller (Jesse)1:23:11 | Haunting Trees and Buried Treasure 1:26:55 | Space Guys Patreon Stinger - Alfonso1:33:25 | Patreon names, thank you all!

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