2.6 | ESP and Animal Telepathy
Play • 1 hr 39 min

Have you ever heard your dog's voice in your head, or known an old friend who you haven't heard from in years was about to call? Is there any 'scientific' reality to the phenomena we call ESP and Telepathy?

In this episode, the brothers tune their minds to the silent frequencies in the ether, and explore the stories of extra-sensory communications with animals.

Also.. Elephant mourning rituals, Creepy Cat People, and Jon psychically bonds with his dog!

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06:41 |Topic Introduction 12:05 | Elephant Wake for Elephant Whisperer (Lawrence Anthony) 20:54 | Richard Sheldrake and Morphic Fields 27:47 | The Sense of Being Stared at 32:41| CCTV Experiment “the Sense of Being Stared at” 34:38 | Spooky Action at a Distance 35:29 | Chris and Jeremy Paranormal Twin Stories 41:32 | Dogs Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home 53:20 | Pet’s Extraordinary Journeys through Telepathy 1:01:41 | After Death Respects and Animal Rescue (Uri Geller) 1:10:51 | Patreon Stinger - Greg 1:17:43 | Disaster Premonitions 1:26:11 | Cat People 1:31:20 | Patreon stinger - Reina 1:31:52 | Patreon names, thank you all!

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