5.16 | True New Home Horror Stories and Keyhole Creeps!
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It's moving day. You glimpse your new home as you turn onto your new street. But this apartment, this trailer, this 3 story mansion, whatever it is you’re moving into, it’s had an entire life of its own before you signed your name to it. What secrets slither beneath the floor boards, what forms take shape inside the walls, and what forces, long dormant, now wake and stir as you slide the key into the lock?

From Whispering shadows in deadbolt-locked closets to veiled specters in black and glamoured gardens of the Fae…

Join us, on this episode of Belief Hole, as we step over the threshold, spread some salt, and peer into the gloom, to discover Untold Encounters of New Home Haunts, Horror, and House Key Creepers!

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📚 Full Show Notes

00:00 | Episode Trailer
03:06 | The Ouija Board Allure- Dangers, Darkness, and Doorways to the Beyond
11:59 | Coming up- Terrifyingly True Listener Stories and Special Story by Steve Stockton
13:41 | Church Wanderer and Spirit Attachment |Jon's story
19:13 | Shotgun Ouija | Farsam
26:56 | Nasty Board | Heidi Johnes | 1980’s
33:50 | An Unfinished Game | Lynessa Layne | Plantersville, TX | 2002
44:37 | Nasty Board Story Conclusion | Heidi Johnes
50:46 | Coming up in the Expansion: Little Haunt on the Prairie-Cowboys, Freaks, and Phantoms | Headless Riders, Civil War Solider encounters with inhuman beings, and Tales of the Arkansas's Green Gowrow
52:49 | Expansion Preview
56:26 | Steven Young Ouija Conviction |1994
58:20 | It Stole My Sister | Anonymous | Massachusetts
1:05:52 | Ghetto Girls Get Ghosted | Anna | Fresno, CA
1:18:32 | Ouija Board Insights | Steve Stockton Story
1:28:52 | Happy Birthday Darrin!
1:29:45 | Thank Yous!
1:42:56 | Outtakes

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