2.20 | Missing 411: Glimmerman and other Invisible Creatures
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Explore the enigmatic world of the unseen in our latest podcast episode, where we delve into the mysterious phenomenon of the Glimmer Man and other invisible entities. We introduce the concept of the Glimmer Man (08:51), a Predator-like entity, and discuss the intriguing Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs) observed through Santilli telescopes (10:32).

Delve into the attributes of these Predator-like invisible entities, including their translucence and distinct clicking sounds (14:30), and hear a spine-tingling story of an encounter with what could be an angel or a cloaked humanoid (17:09). The episode also speculates on the possibility of these phenomena being tests of secret cloaking technology (24:46) and references Invisible Aliens as reported in Fortean Times (26:49).

In our Expansion Preview (30:36), we venture into New Orleans Lore and the Beast of the Bayou, adding a cryptid twist to the invisible phenomena. The episode also features a fascinating discussion about the mythical Ring of Gyges from Plato's Republic (34:43) and its discovery (39:16). Listen to eerie stories of encounters with invisible entities (44:23, 53:25, 54:06) and consider the Bigfoot cloaking theory in "Where the Footsteps End" (50:01).

As we weave through these narratives, we touch upon the potential of invisible entities in the woods as an explanation for the Missing 411 mystery (01:05:44), and look at the current state of cloaking technologies (01:07:35). The episode concludes with a nod to our loyal listeners (01:16:56) and a teaser for our upcoming New Orleans-themed expansion episode (01:17:48)

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05:07 | Jon Meets His Doppelgänger While Clubbing (Story)
08:51 | Glimmer Man, Invisible Humanoid Introduction
10:32 | Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs) Santilli Telescopes
14:30 | Predator-like Invisible Entity Attributes – Clicking, Translucence, Outline
17:09 | Encounter with an Angel or Cloaked Humanoid? | STORY
24:46 | Is It Testing of Secret Cloaking Technology?
26:49 | Invisible Aliens (Fortean Times) ITEs, Atmospheric Entities
30:36 | Expansion Preview – New Orleans Lore and Beast of the Bayou
34:43 | Ring of Gyges – Invisibility Ring from Plato's Republic
39:16 | Discovering the Ring of Gyges | Story
44:23 | The Patroller vs Invisible Entity | Story
50:01 | Where the Footsteps End – Bigfoot Cloaking Theory
53:25 | Invisible Mountain Devils Encounter | Story
54:06 | Larry vs Disappearing Bigfoot | Story
56:46 | Translucent Humanoid Encounters | Stories
01:00:49 | Skinwalker Ranch Hippie Attack
01:05:44 | Invisibly Entities in the Woods Explain Missing 411
01:07:35 | Breakthrough Cloaking Technologies We Have Now
01:16:56 | Patron Stinger – Jeremiah
01:17:48 | Discussing New Orleans Expansion Episode
01:18:38 | New Patron Thank Yous!

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