2.20 | Glimmer Man, Invisible Entity Encounters and ITEs
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The only thing scarier than having to watch Steven Seagal's 1996 "Glimmer Man" is seeing an ACTUAL glimmer man.. (Just kidding, Stephan Seagal's the man.) You may be thinking "what the heck is a "glimmer man, and why should I invest the next 74 minutes finding out"? Well, my friends, it would seem our world is full of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs).

In this episode we present corroborating accounts of what people describe as translucent, cloaked, or invisible entities. Have you heard the encounters with invisible creatures in the woods? How about the Santilli Telescope which has detected invisible sky giants just above us? Some people believe this is an answer to the riddle of the Missing 411 phenomenon. Whatever the case may be, we believe there are likely different entities and scenarios at play. From personal encounters of tree-jumping predator-like entities and translucent cloaked humanoids to historical writings of giant corpses with magical rings of invisibility, we stretch the Belief Hole wide, letting in as much light as possible to expose these glimmering shimmering Invisoids! Join us, won't you?

Also.. Telescopes that can detect invisible sky giants, Jon's clubbing doppelgänger, and transdimensional Bigfoot belts

Full Show Noteshttps://beliefhole.com/glimmer-man-invisible-entity-encounters

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TIMESTAMPS 05:07 | Jon meets his doppelgänger while clubbing (story) 08:51 | Glimmer man, invisible humanoid Introduction 10:32 | Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs) Santilli telescopes 14:30 | Predator-like invisible entity attributes - clicking, translucence, outline 17:09 | Encounter with an Angel or Cloaked Humanoid? | STORY 24:46 | Is it testing of secret cloaking technology? 26:48 | Invisible Aliens (Fortean Times) ITEs, atmospheric entities 30:36 | Expansion Preview - New Orleans Lore and Beast of the Bayou 34:43 | Ring of Gyges - Invisibility Ring from Plat's Republic 39:16 | Discovering the Ring of Gyges | Story 44:23 | The Patroller vs Invisible Entity | Story 50:01 | Where the Footsteps End - Bigfoot cloaking theory 53:25 | Invisible Mountain Devils Encounter | Story 54:06 | Larry vs Disappearing Bigfoot | Story 56:46 | Translucent Humanoid Encounters | Stories 01:00:49 | Skinwalker Ranch Hippie Attack 01:05:44 | Invisibly Entities in the woods explain Missing 411 01:07:35 | Breakthrough cloaking technologies we have now 01:16:56 | Patron Stinger - Jeremiah 01:17:48 | Discussing on New Orleans Expansion Episode 01:18:38 | New Patron Thank Yous!

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