3.1 | Appalachian Magic and Haints in the Holler
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Some call it "Backwoods Magic". Others say, "Hillfolk Hoodoo," "Mountain Conjure", or just "the Work."

Whatever you call it, it is the enduring folk magic that haunts the hollers and lingers within the misty slopes of the Appalachian mountains.

Join us as we explore the wonder and rich tradition of practiced Appalachian folk Magic, as well as the fascinating (yet often overlooked) folklore and history of the region.

Also.. Jeremy survives the break, Jon ruins the Sixth Sense, and Chris tries trivia!

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BOOK SOURCE: Backwoods Witchcraft – Conjure and Folklore From Appalachia – Jake Richards

05:30 | Folkloric Magic of Different Regions
06:17 | Where is Appalachia Exactly?
08:28 | Mixing of Cultural Magic, New Orleans VS Appalachia
11:52 | Moon-Eyed People of the Cherokee - Inner Earth People?
13:08 | Diving into the Backwoods Witchcraft and Magic of Appalachia
14:34 | Devilry in Appalachia - Devil Monkeys, Devil's Run, Devil's Looking Glass
15:00 | Listing Various Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids of Appalachia
15:48 | What is Appalachian Folk Magic? Where Does it Come From (READING)
17:57 | Roots of the Craft and Its Regional Branching Out
18:21 | Biblical Magic - Structural Spell Structure of "the Work"
20:22 | Light VS Dark: Balance and Justice in Appalachian Magic
22:13 | Jake Richards (Author) - Magic in the Family and Tradition (READING)
24:35 | Magical Gifts of Appalachia - The Sight, Dreams True
26:26 | Origins of American Folk Magic (READING)
28:27 | Hot Foot Powder | Magic to Get People to Leave You Alone
30:25 | How to Protect Against Haints: Lost Souls, Spirits, and Demons
35:02 | Let's Play "Name that Appalachian Folk Magic!!"
49:44 | Terms of the Hollar
55:00 | Working with the Dead (Reading)
57:17 | Broken-Hearted Spirits Cause Illness in the Living
1:01:03 | The Lone Rider of Devils Run
1:05:15 | Happy Birthday, Jacob! 🎂
1:06:10 | Stinger for Brianna
1:08:00 | More to Explore!
1:09:13 | New Patron Thank Yous!
1:12:00 | A Positive Message from the Hole

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