2.11 | Shadows of Ancient Technology and Forgotten History
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What fantastical fragments of lost technology lie beneath the sands of time? What has already been discovered, yet remains cloaked in mystery?  Whispers of ancient nano-tech discoveries in the rivers of the Ural mountains?!

Rumors of 20-ton, monster-made sarcophagi in narrow pyramid passageways?! Seemingly man-made nails, driven into Jurassic rock?! These mysteries (and more) we explore, on today’s Journey- millions of years deep into the ever-deepening Belief Hole!

Also.. “Honey, have you seen my limonite concretions?”, the simulation exposed in the studio, and Chris is a courageous man!

TIMESTAMPS: 03:37 |Topic Introduction – Advanced Ancient Technology 06:49 | Lost Civilization 09:18 | Nazca 13:43 | Atlantis and Global Floating 20:25 | Prehuman Civilization? 28:15 | Ancient Nano-Tech in Ural Mountains 33:07 | Chris’ Floating Pill 35:27 | Evidence of Forgotten History 51:50 | Patron Stinger – Taylor Berry 58:33 | Expansion Preview – Baghdad Stargate 1:02:23 | Serapeum Sarcophagi of Saqquara 1:12:18 | Structures at Sacsayhuaman – Rock Melting Tech 1:16:16 | Teotihuacan – City of the Gods 1:26:01 | Patron Stinger – Cat 1:28:28 | Patron Thank You’s 🙂


GET EXPANSION EPISODE: EXP 2.11 | Baghdad Stargate and Lost Ancient Technology

FULL SHOW NOTES https://beliefhole.com/shadows-of-ancient-technology-forgotten-history/

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