The Silver Bangle
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Bottle Ship Adventures is a series set in the magical land of Dilstonia where little creatures called The Jifflings live on their little Jiffling ship. All the things we humans lose or throw away end up in Dilstonia, and The Jifflings find these lost objects and fish them out of their sea so they can work together to find a new use for them.  Each object has a story of how it ended up in Dilstonia and each story helps The Jifflings, and the audience, to learn a new lesson.  The show is about recycling and re-using things and has lots of humour and friendship at it's heart.

In this episode the Jifflings find a silver bangle and Hedge tells a story that helps Young Pumpkin to learn that although it’s nice to have fun, there is also a time for work too.

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