043 - Runner and Race Director Sabrina Seher on ultra-marathoning and being a Super You!
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"You fail your way to success and what is success, it’s relative, right?" - Sabrina Seher

I met Sabrina Seher when I was running the Seattle Quadzilla last fall.

Sabrina was also running the Quadzilla. But Sabrina, as you’ll hear in our conversation, really stood out for me. She was saying hello to a lot of people on the course, she was having fun, she was jumping around. She was basically doing everything you don’t do if you want to conserve your energy in order to run 26.2 miles.

But we chatted during one of the races and then became Facebook friends. Naturally I started seeing her posts and noticed that it seemed like she is always running a race. And, news flash, she is.

She has given me new perspective on what it means to be a runner/marathoner. The typical thinking is that you need 16 weeks of training to prepare for a marathon. And yeah, that is technically true, particularly for first time marathoners or someone looking for a personal record or a Boston Qualifying time.

But if enjoy running, especially long distances, then why not run a Quadzilla or run 52 marathons in a year like Sabrina did a couple of years ago?

By the first week of April, she had already run in this calendar year five marathons, a 50K and two 100-milers.

So, yeah. She’s out there running a lot.

In addition to all these marathons, Sabrina owns Super Studio 253 in Tacoma, Washington. The studio offers all sorts of classes as well as training for runners. She also is the race director for the Cascade Super Series marathons and half marathons and manages a group of pacers.

At first you might think that Sabrina is all about Super Sabrina. But she’s not. She’s about a Super You! Her motto is Find Your Super. And she really means it. She wants people to be their better selves, to dig deep and discover what it is that can make them Super. And her energy output and desire to make YOU better is quite infectious.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, she has not had a straight path to wellness and success. Her life has not been perfect. But she emerged from some dark places only to come bursting out so that she could set an example for her two children and so that she could be an inspiration to others.

I observed and was the recipient of a little of that energy during the Seattle Quadzilla. But got a huge dose of it during our conversation and that energy is still with me.

She’s the kind of person that you want to surround yourself with. And she kinda gives you faith that there are great people in the world, you just need to know where to look for them and be open.

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