069 - Vicki Punter - Sailor, Adventurer and Entrepreneur
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My conversation today is with Kauai resident Vicki Punter.

Vicki is a sailor, adventurer and entrepreneur.

She grew up in the midwest, left for the Caribbean after some brief work on the mainland and then took off on a boat to find adventure after the then-president of El Salvador mentioned wanting to sail around the world. Since that idea was planted, she figures that she and her husband, Captain Jim, have spent about 20 years on the water.

Vicki is really unassuming. And I think much of that is because she grew up and spent the bulk of her travels in pre-internet times. But she really has lived a life of true adventure. She wasn’t blogging about it, she wasn’t posting on facebook or Instagram about it. She was just doing it.

So in this conversation we talk about those years on the boat, her meeting local indigenous groups throughout the South Pacific and gathering up incredibly unique art which is now on display and for sale at her shop, Havaiki, on the north shore of Kauai.

The thing that strikes me about Vicki is her willingness to embrace uncertainty. To be flexible and to say yes to every adventure.

You know I’ve traveled a lot over the past 30 years and I’ve observed and traveled with a lot of people during that time. And one thing I know is that there’s a big difference between what a person experiences when they are flexible and they say yes compared to someone who questions everything and is fearful of what’s ahead. It makes all the difference in the kind of trip (and LIFE) you’re going to have.

Vicki is someone who is all IN, and I love that about her and I know you will, too.

Before we get to our conversation, I want to just note that we got interrupted about half way through because of the landscaper working outside her house so you’ll hear us take a brief pause. You might also hear the rain in the background as well.

Also, we recorded this in September when hurricane Florence hit the east coast so you’ll hear us reference that.

OK – with that, please enjoy this conversation with Vicki Punter.

Connect with Vicki:Website (Havaiki)

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Be Bold, Beth


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