066 - Kim Steutermann Rogers - Journalist, Photographer and Citizen Scientist
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Today's conversation is with Kim Steutermann Rogers.

Kim is a journalist and photographer living on Kauai. And I gotta tell ya, she has carved out a beautiful life for herself on the island. Not only because she’s making a living doing something that’s very difficult these days to make a living at (that being a journalist and photographer), but she also calls herself a citizen scientist. How she describes it is that she’s managed to draw upon her early love for science and couple it with her journalistic talents. What she’s created is this life that has provided her with experiences and opportunities she could never have imagined.

There really is so much subtle beauty in this conversation pertaining to this lifestyle that she’s chosen. It started when she left her family and friends behind on the mainland and just picked up and moved with her husband to this little slice of heaven.

I don’t expect everyone to just pick up and move to an island after hearing this. But I hope you’ll dig deep and really think about what it is that makes you happy. Think about the different pieces of your life that you enjoy the most and consider how you might put them all together.

You know it actually reminds me of my conversation with Sara McArdle on episode 59. Sara’s a career change agent and life coach who helps women uncover what their talents and interests are for the very purpose of creating a lifestyle that’s more suitable to what it is they love.

Kudos to Kim for following her heart and finding that combination on her own.

At the end of this conversation, I answer a question from a listener so please stay with me for that! If you have a question or feedback, you can call me at 877-280-5170 and leave a message. You, too, might be featured!

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