103 ~ Beth Baker ~ Running Coach and Podcaster
1 hr 18 min

Today’s conversation is with running coach and fellow podcaster (and fellow name-sharer) Beth Baker. If you’ve ever considered running or exercising or even just trying to figure out other ways to incrementally improve your life (and hopefully you ALL have, that’s why you’re listening), you’re going to really love this conversation.

You could say Beth is a reluctant Seattleite. And despite us both being here for quite a while, we only recently got connected when I was a guest on her podcast, Why We Run (and I’m going to be releasing that episode here soon so you can hear our full conversation where she’s asking me the questions).

Like me, Beth didn’t get into running because it was something she had done all her life. She got into it as an adult and had to navigate her way through it without a lot of mentorship (or even online information). It took her a year to work up to a 5K race but once she did that, her trajectory was fast. But she still remembers her reluctance and the self-talk and doubts that initially kept her from running.

That’s why today she’s a running coach encouraging first time runners. Because she remembers what it was like to just start out.

You don’t have to be a runner or have any interest in running to get inspired by this conversation and what it is that Beth does.

So with that, enjoy this conversation with running coach, Beth Baker.



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