050 - Dr. Robyn Benson of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health on regenerative health and youthful aging
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I am so excited to bring you another episode with Dr. Robyn Benson. If you haven’t already listened to my first conversation with her back in September (episode #11), definitely go back and listen to that. It will give you quite a bit of background on Robyn and her practice.

In short, Robyn is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She not only brings with her a background of knowledge steeped in ancient wisdom and practice, but she is also one of the more forward-thinking practitioners in the country.

Her practice is called Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health. She specializes in youthful aging and provides cutting edge health technologies that focus on regenerative medicine, women’s health, preventative medicine as well as helping people recover from addiction.

Her facility is pretty high tech and it really interesting. I’ve had a number of treatments with her including just having received two prolozone shots in my foot to help with a bit of healing from a running injury (so far so good but I’ll report back in another couple of weeks on how that’s going).

Anyway, Robyn and I had a delightful follow up chat and talked about some of the new treatments that she’s doing and the types of patients she’s working with. But we also talked about some other really cutting edge practices including stem cell treatments that are available as part of her work in regenerative medicine.

There’s so much emotional distress that’s an undercurrent in our culture now but the good news is that when your body feels better, your mind is going to follow suit. And there are countless many small ways that we can improve how we feel.

Well, with that bit of intro and food for thought, so to speak, enjoy this conversation with Dr. Robyn Benson.

Connect with Robyn: Santa Fe Soul (website) Dr. Robyn Benson (website) Facebook (Santa Fe Soul)

Other items mentioned:Regenerative medicine (wiki) Progenitor cell (wiki) Prolozone Therapy (at Santa Fe Soul) Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (at Santa Fe Soul) Corydalis (wiki) Curcumin and tumeric (wiki) Triphala and fruit flies Theta Chamber (at Santa Fe Soul) Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (wiki) Women's Retreat (with Dr. Robyn Benson)


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