072 - Pam LeBlanc - Outdoor Junkie and Journalist
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Pam spent nearly 21 years writing about fitness, adventure and travel for the Austin American-Statesman, Austin’s daily newspaper. It was there that she wrote a weekly column called Fit City.

And it’s a befitting column for someone who considers herself to be an Outdoor Junkie.

While she had done a number of things over the years that tested her confidence and really forced her to stretch herself, she declared 2017 as her Year of Adventure and she set out to purposely do things that she was uncomfortable with.

In her article declaring her year of adventure, she ends with this, “Take a flying leap, splash hard, get your hair wet and smudge your makeup.”

During her adventurous year, she jumped off a 10-meter diving board, she ran a naked 5K race and she rappelled down a 38 story high-rise in Austin (dressed in a Wonder Woman suit, of course!) – all of which she describes in this episode.

Pam is someone who confronts life head on and lives it to the fullest.

You’re going to hear all kinds of stories about her adventures here but what I hope you’ll take away from this conversation is that we can create adventures in our lives, big and small, every single day.

With that, enjoy this conversation with Pam LeBlanc.



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